Top destinations for celebrities, VIPs in 2014

We common people have a habit of following almost everything done by our favorite stars and celebrities. We visit variety of places in our holidays. We enjoy a lot along with our friends as well as relatives. Our celebrities also have their own personal life where they wish to stay alone with their family and loved one. But, since they are the celebrities and VIP’s, their every footstep is marked by the media and publications. Everything activity pursued by our favorite stars are forecasted in media and television. Once we look at the favorite holiday destinations of the celebrities and stars, we too have a desire to visit such places. We get inspiration from them and try to proceed with them in all ways. Today, let’s take a look at the places where the celebrities and VIPs has chosen for the year 2014.

Top destination for celebrities in the year 2014

A. Jaipur, India

The well known musician of Hollywood named has chosen his favorite destination as Jaipur in India. He liked the culture and tradition of people staying in the particular city of Jaipur in India.  Since the celebrity’s grandfather was from India, he really enjoys the culture and tradition of the place. Even his wife has been there several times and loved it.

B. New York

A famous cricketer from the team of England likes to visit New York. According to him, when the season of cricket ends, he wishes to book a trip for New York City. He is also having a desire of hiring a Harley Davidson motor bike and carry on with the road trip along the eastern coast of America.

C. Mauritius

A well known actress loves Mauritius. Every time she gets a break from her busy schedule, she gets herself in a trip to Mauritius.  Even if it is long way from her residence, she feels this place worth visiting. She also wishes to take her children to this beautiful country.

D. Desert of Utah

A famous singer and artist named would like to visit the desert of Utah.  Even if the place is incredibly hot, her husband always comes back to this place for the attraction of the wild horse.

E. Rio de Janeiro

The favorite holiday destination for the well known actress as well as the presenter is Rio de Janeiro. The actress wishes to visit this place for viewing the carnival.

Since the football world cup is going to be organized in this particular place, she wanted to get a chance and get the ticket for football match.

F. South America

Most of the people are impressed to see the comedy of the famous comedy artist. One of them has a serious thought about his holiday destination. According to him, South America will be a place for his visit during his free time.

G. Hawaii

One of the famous television presenter named as Jo Frost is fascinated about one holiday destination during the vocational period. Hawaii is the only place where the television presenter would live to visit.

The energy among the people in this place is very impressive. All of them enjoy with different costumes and make fun in Hawaii beaches.

H. Canada

The famous fashion designer wishes to visit Canada when everything over there is snow capped. The snow fall during the winter season will be quite fascinating for him.  There are many friends of the particular celebrity in Toronto. Thus, he wishes to pay visit to this beautiful place during the winter season.

I. Brazil

The favorite actors wishes to visit Brazil in order to celebrate his holiday. The particular places in Brazil that attracts him are Florianopolis and Rio. He also has a desire to visit Argentina that him help him to learn the Spanish language.

J. Iran

Another celebrity who is an actor as well as television presenter would like to visit Iran during his holidays. He liked this place due to the culture adopted by the people residing over there. He has a desire to visit the south sea island as well.

Even you can take idea from the holiday destination of your favorite celebrities and try visiting such places along with your family. You will be able to explore the fascinating and unknown places which are even the favorite destination of your celebrities and VIPs in the list.

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