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Berlin film festival 2014, Berlin, Germany

Berlin film festival 2014, Berlin, Germany

Event name: Berlin film festival
Event dates: 6 to 16 February 2014
Event location: Berlin, Germany

Berlin international film festival is also called as Berlinale which is one of the worlds leading film festivals and most attractive media events. It is the annual celebrations held in Berlin of Germany. It is the largest film festival in all over the world. Lot of tickets will get sold during the event. More than 400 films are shown in several sections. Around 20 films will compete for the awards during this event for the golden and silver bears. It is the major industry meeting for the international film circuit in once a year.

Berlin film festival is also a land for upcoming artist. Berlin talent campus conducts a long series of workshops and lectures. The young artists all around the globe will participate in this festival. This festival is the landmark for the glamour, global media and commerce attention. This is the most important event for the Europe.

Berlin festival was established in 1951. The organizers of the festival worked hard to revive the cultural energy of the city. The Berlinale takes place at Postsdamer platz which is the heart of the festival with most of the theaters. It is the largest cultural event grows rapidly every year. It is traditionally all about the film. The international stars on the red carpet, film buffs from around the world and the enthusiastic fans makes the event brighter.

The festival is composed of different film sections. Films are taken in each category by a section director with the advice of film experts.

Forum: It includes the documentary and experimental films from all over the world with a particular screening works by young filmmakers. This films will not compete in the award.

Competition: Films which are released outside the country also compete for several prizes including the golden bear for the best film. For acting, production and writing the silver bears are awarded.

Generation: This includes the short and features length films which are aimed at children and youth. This compete with two sub categories. One is Generation Kplus and Generation14plus. And also three separate jury awards are given like the children jury, international jury and youth jury.

Panorama: This comprises with Controversial subjects or unconventional aesthetic styles. The films which include in the category are intended to provoke discussion and involved in historically themes such as lesbian, gay and transgendered issues.

Berlinale shorts: It comprises of domestic and international short films. The films in this category will compete with golden bear as well as jury nominated silver bear.

Retrospective: It includes classical films which are shown at the Berlinale. Every year this restrospective section is dedicated to important themes of filmmakers.

Perspektive Deutsches Kino: It comprises with wide variety of german films with the highlighting current trends in german cinema.

Rather than this sections the Berlinale also includes several linked “curated special series” like Berlinale special, forum expanded, homage, culinary cinema and Gala special.

The Awards which are present in the event are the Golden Bear and Silver Bear. The Golden bear is the highest prize awarded for the best film at the Berlin International film festival. The silver bear is awarded for individual achievements in acting, direction and also for the best short film.

The event is really stunning and attractive for film lovers. In this festival you can see more celebrities.


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