Hvar Island Visiting Sites – Top 10 fantastic and incredible Tourist places in Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar is an island in the Adriatic Sea is the longest and beautiful islands in the world. It belongs to the middle-Dalmatian islands and it is situated in Split-Dalmatia Country in the middle of a group of islands that are part of the county. The scenic beauty of the place has been attracting tourists round the year. The top 10 fantastic and incredible tourist places in island of Hvar are as follows-

  •   Jelsa – It is located in the middle part of the Hvar Island which is bounded by pinewoods, lavender, vineyards, olive trees, and clear sky-blue sea. The town of Jelsa was built in the 14th century, as a port of nearby village Pitve. From fishing and agricultural small town, Jelsa has developed into a ship building and maritime center, especially during the 19th century. It has numerous church, squares, parks, caves and historical place.
  •   Fortress Fortica – The fortress in located in Sucuraj. During the Venetian-Turk wars Sucuraj was stealed and fired three times and it was re-built in in 1613. It was injured in the WW2. This site is a famous place for local sightseeing in the island.
  •   Franciscan Monastery – It was built in 15th century as recoil of sailors. In monastery there is the artifacts collection which is also the oldest on the island. It consists of manuscripts, paintings, old coins and incunabula.
  •   Public Theatre – It is the 400 year old municipal theatre in the island of Hvar. The theatre was established in 1612 in the period of Duke Petar Semitecolo. It is most famous rich cultural heritage of Hvar Island.
  •   St. Stephen’s Cathedral – It is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Hvar town and built in 18th century. It gave rise to different architectural styles and there are essentials of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance. Inside there are eleven ornate altars made by artists from Venice.
  •   Church fort of St. Mary – It is the most important monuments of Hvar Island built in 1571 after the Turkish attack of an older church in 1465. The church has the shape of a fort with an observation post and a loop-hole and from its top there is a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding places and fields. During Christmas the church is adorned at its best.
  •   Sveta Nedelja – It is a small village on the southern side of the Hvar Island below the St. Nicholas. It is a well-known centre for production of the best red wines, is grown by vineyards. The most famous wine is Plavac Mali, it is known as best wine in the island of Hvar.
  •   Zavala – It is a Pitve tunnel. It feels like you are fleeting through with a prickle in your spine. Then you can see a bright light on the other side becomes large and large and you can view the superb of the sea and islands.
  •   Stari Grad – It is situated on the northwestern part of the island bounded by vineyards, lavender fields, olive groves and pine forest. Stari Grad is a historical heart of Hvar Island and the old town in Croatia. In the 4th century it was occupied by Greeks and called Pharos at the time and after came the Romans.
  •   Hektorovic Palace – It is located in the Hvar town and the finest late Gothic houses. The construction of the Palace started in 1463 and was never finished. It is one of the tourist attractions in the Island of Hvar. Make sure to visit the palace if you love to know about the history and culture of the place.

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