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Hvar Island Famous and Popular Items to Purchase – Top 10 Splendid and wonderful things found in Hvar Island, Croatia

Lemon and fig Marmalade

Hvar island is a island where people locally grows food in their land and prepare items like clothes, jelly, liquor, lavender products and handicraft items which tourist take to their home as a souvenir. The top 10 splendid and wonderful things found in Hvar Island is –

  •   Jewelry – It is best item found in Hvar. The jewelry like red coral, emeralds, rubies and pearls is a best jewelry item in Hvar. The prices of Jewelry in Hvar are affordable. The best sellers of jewelry are Aqua Maritime, Thesaurus, I.K Design. These jewelry are real piece of arts and you need to have some attitude to wear them.
  •   Boutique clothes – The designer boutiques in Hvar Island is Dubrovnik, Zagreb,, Split and other major cities sell clothes by renowned Croatian designers with top international brands. Ties and cravats are particular Croatian specialty.
  •   Virgin Olive Oil – The Hvar Island is most excellent branded for the group of its olive oil, and olive farm is a momentous part of island life. The majority people have an olive orchard and manufacture their own oil and keep for sale as souvenir.
  •   Foods items – In Hvar island we can see fresh food items locally grown in the islands such as vanilla, fruits, vegetables which tastes best. You can find food items made from natural extracts in Hvar. Gluten free cookies that are baked and the biscuits can satisfy your taste buds.
  •   Honey – Hvar is known as fragrant island with garden of herbs and there is an outstanding collection of homemade honey. The bees spin the nectar of the island’s into honey, it is rich in collection of herb with the clear features and mild taste. The Croatian city is known as best seller in honey.
  •   Liquors and Wines – There is a large collection of local drinks in Hvar, with tough liqueurs made from every believable herb. There are some exceptional liqueurs, which make for fine souvenirs. Hvar also has an outstanding wine-growing tradition. Prices, quality differ significantly. You can handpick the wines you love from the great local winers in Hvar and you can find too many things to satiate you.
  •   Lemon and fig Marmalade – It is jam and jelly preservative products that can be taken home and it tastes best and complimentary. Fig Marmalade is truly summer captured and put in a jar with sugar with an organically grown lemon and 3 tablespoons of whisky and brandy.
  •   Organic food – Green house is a small shop on the Hvar Island who sell organic food. Stocks a varied range of eco and healthy food, locally hand made products. Has fresh organic fruits and vegetables, bread, organic cosmetics, essential oils, gluten free, and more.
  •   Traditional Handicrafts – The traditional handicrafts like embroidery, intricate lace, lavender bags, locally made glass jewelry, wood carvings and ceramics are make good souvenirs in Hvar Island. The Zagreb has good traditional item stores.
  •   Lavender Products – Lavender grows abundantly on the Hvar Island and lavender products are accessible everywhere in the shops. I t is best well known souvenir in Hvar Island. Lavender oil is a remedial for acne and skin rashes. A few people combine the oil with water and spray to have a fresh smell. Some people use it as perfume or a room perfume to have a fresh smell over all. You can bring back home the beautiful memories of Hvar when you take back the essence of Lavender in a bottle.

Choose the best and reliable shops for shopping to enjoy spending on what you like. You can also get ideas on the trustworthy jewelry boutiques and other places to shop from the place you stay.

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