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How universal healthcare systems can help humankind

Technician with patient getting CAT scan

Universal healthcare can solve many healthcare related problems that commoners have to face. A part of the citizens of USA is against Universal Healthcare system because they think that this sort of medical system will make them pay for the medical facilities that others avail. Universal healthcare is a sustainable solution to the medical price hike. President Barack Obama has admitted that one of the major reasons of the bankruptcy of US citizens is that huge medical bills that they cannot afford. Medical care is as essential as food and water. Universal healthcare system takes contribution from every citizen and provides medical facilities to everyone without making discriminations about their social position.


The universal healthcare system has become an integral part of the countries like UK, Canada and Japan. This has helped in shifting the burden of medical expenses from the shoulders of the citizens and enabled the government to give medical care equally to all. Each of these countries have changed and made variations to the universal healthcare model so that it suits their pre existing socio-economic structure. In Canada, the citizens cannot go for private insurance, they have to buy public health insurance and the universal healthcare system will ensure that every citizen gets the required medical attention.

In the USA, around 45 million people do not have any health insurance policy. The healthcare system does not provide the basic right to timely healthcare to the citizens. Many people who are poor either go bankrupt or have to suffer from severe chronic diseases without any medical treatment. Changes in the employee healthcare plans can also keep people from getting the proper treatment. They may incur a huge medical bill debt too. Universal healthcare system will bring down the costs of medical facilities.


Another huge benefit of universal healthcare system is that it does not involve as much paperwork as the current healthcare system. It makes the essential health records available for every medical organization. It standardizes the medical facilities available to every citizen. Universal healthcare system can also reduce the cost of medical insurance premiums for the middle class people. Government organizations manage this type of healthcare system and even the poorest citizens get free treatments.

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