Bagatin Clinic – A preferred medical tourism center in Zagreb, Croatia

Poliklinika Bagatin is currently displaying an all round excellence in providing cutting-edge medical treatments in Croatia, the land where organized medical tourism initiated 150 years back.

In Croatia, you get caught amidst the mesmerizing azure waters and pleasant sun of the Adriatic Sea and idyllic charm of the innumerable islands dotting the coastline.  Medical tourism in Croatia is on fast track growth path as the country continues to enjoy record tourist visits for recreation and health restoration purpose.

Bagatin Clinic – The shining star of the constellation:

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The polyclinic has a sound history of treating foreign travelers for more than 20 years. It all started with Dr. Prof Marijo Bagatin, a world renowned maxillofacial specialist and the father of the current CEO Ognjen Bagatin who founded a small private clinic in 2005.

This sapling with strong family support gradually developed into one of the leading multispecialty clinics in Croatia providing state-of-the-art treatment facilities in dental treatments, cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic surgery and anti-aging treatments.

In dental treatments, Croatia is a star.  About 100,000 Italians ferry the Adriatic Sea every year to avail these treatments at an incredibly low price and enjoy a great sunny vacation.  About 70% medical tourists stepping into Bagatin clinic seek dental treatments, and they are mostly from Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.

A recognized Beauty Destination:

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The clinic has marched much ahead currently welcoming a bigger clientele from 30 countries. Its exceptional expertise in plastic surgery and aesthetic and reconstructive medicine has fetched the recognition of being “The Best International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic” in 2017 from IMTJ.

Trailblazing the humble beginning:

Bagatic clinic management with IMTJ award

The mission and vision of Bagatin clinic serving foreign medical patients, even before the medical tourism boom, are carried forward by the current CEO Ognjen Bagatin and his brothers Dr. Dinko Bagatin and Dr.Tomica Bagatin (who are also renowned plastic surgeons) duly supported by a robust team of experts.

Acknowledging that dental treatments as the biggest contributor to the business, Bagatin Poliklinika has given due importance in creating state-of-the-art dental clinic although its foundation was based on the expertise of plastic surgery. The clinic as it stands today is a consequence of a rare combination of professional legacy and capacity-building in highly demanded dental treatments.

Today Poliklinika Bagatin is unquestionably one of the most dynamic and successful medical tourism businesses whose fame has reached beyond the borders of Croatia and the Adriatic coast.

Key takeaways: High quality treatment services and reasonably low cost:

Bagatin Clinic

Image Source : PoliklinikaBagatin.Hr

The clinic operates from two prime locations in Zagreb providing more than 250 treatments banking on its four core competencies – Dental treatments, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Cosmetology.

Of the two locations of the clinic, one is simply superb – the ultra-modern dental clinic accommodated uniquely on the 10th floor of the Zagreb Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. The medical travelers enjoy top-class accommodation and avail high quality treatment services within the same facility.

The swanky clinic with its impeccable neatness and sui generis furnishings catches your attention first followed by the warm hospitality generating the feel-at-home ambience. From this dental studio, you get the splendid 360 degree panoramic view of Zagreb landscape and Mt. Sijeme, an additional wellness-enhancing factor that one needs to acknowledge.

The clinic lays high emphasis on aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, 2D/3D diagnostics using cutting-edge technology and the artistic expertise of the in-house dental specialists. To satisfy the rising demands of the modern age clients, the clinic is well equipped in providing the most advanced dermatology and body contouring treatments.

The second clinic located in Downtown built in European style is equally spacious with unique interior décor having state-of-the-art treatment facilities.

Talking of quality and treatment standards, these are not restricted within the sophisticated treatments but also cover other factors like treatment outcomes, complication risks and faster patient disengagement. Here too Bagatin Clinic shows an outstanding performance following a standard protocol for good practice benefiting the international medical travelers.

Cost advantage:

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This is often the prime motivator for people seeking beyond the border medical assistance. Bagatin clinic allows about 40-60% of the cost savings on medical treatments which is pretty attractive! The patients get to enjoy a splendid vacation in this beautiful land amidst a healthy ambience within a reasonable cost package.

A study of the approximate cost would give a better image:

Treatment Procedure Avg. cost in the US Approx. cost in Bagatin Clinic
Breast augmentation $7000-$9000 $4100- $4400
Tummy Tuck $10000- $15000 $3600-$5600
Dental Implants $1800-$2500 $600-$900

To maintain a transparency in pricing, the cost details are provided on the clinic website.

Patient First Attitude:

Bagatin Clinic

Image Source : PoliklinikaBagatin.Hr

Bagatin Clinic believes First impression is the last impression. This starts from the first day of the patient contacting the clinic and lasts till the treatment is over in all respects. The clinic is highly focused on easy accessibility so that the patients do not have to wait for long to avail the required treatment.

In spite of its high reputation in offering state-of-the-art treatment facilities at attractive packages, the clinic is adept in offering personalized services fulfilling the varied requirements of the patients.

Stressing on patient experience fulfilling the hopes and expectations:

Bagatin Clinic

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In medical tourism, it is the patient experience that sums up the value of the destination/clinic. It is obvious that medical travelers would look more for personalized services. Offering such tailor made services is an everyday challenge but the specially trained team of Bagatin Clinic enables a great experience for every patient.

The excellent communication process sets the ball rolling. The scratch-to-end support initiates from visa assistance, arranging airport transfers and accommodation, front desk concierge services, treatment procedures and extends till aftercare and follow ups.  The patients feel special even in a distant land and leave the clinic happily carrying gift-bags with Croatian mementos.

Thigh level of patient satisfaction has far reaching consequences, which gets reflected in the online feedback system. 98% of the patients are willing to come back to Bagatin clinic for future treatments if required and happily recommend this clinic to a friend or family member. It is mention worthy that a substantial business of the clinic comes from referrals.

What if things go wrong?

Bagatin Clinic

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Undesirable outcomes in medical tourism often become news headlines but with Bagatin Clinic, such incidents are rare.  The clinic offers one of the most comprehensive quality guarantees in dental and cosmetic treatments.

The dental implants and prosthetics provided carry years of warranty and have minimum chances of complications provided the patient complies with the pre and post operative instructions handed out by the specialists.

In terms of legal assistance for any unfortunate outcome caused due to hospital/clinic negligence, Croatian hospitals are obligated to follow the international standards in safeguarding the patient’s interest according to the legislation and regulation of the European Union and Croatia.

Upholding the destination as a valued medical service provider:

Bagatin Clinic

Aiming to enhance the destination value to abroad medical travelers, Bagatin clinic created a unique Destination Guide in cooperation with Medical Tourism Association (MTA) helping the prospective medical travelers with valuable information about the destination and the clinic.

The sincere efforts taken up by the clinic to position Zagreb as one of the leading tourism destinations has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Tourism, the ministry of Health and Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Riding high on success, Bagatin Clinic aims to touch new milestones reaching out to more number of medical tourists visiting the Adriatic coast.

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