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Amsterdam has a lot to offer beyond the usual

Amsterdam has a lot to offer beyond the usual

Amsterdam got its name from the River Amstel, which flows near this sprawling city that was once a fishing village. This village has now transformed into a metropolitan economic hub in the whole of Europe. It still has kept alive the romanticism in its air. A place that has changed well with the changing times, Amsterdam has managed to keep its culture intact. It is a popular tourist attraction where many couples from across the globe come to spend their honeymoon. It is a youthful and vibrant place but also a serene and calm tourist attraction.

Some of the facts one needs to know about Amsterdam are:

Bicycle capital

This city is the bicycle capital of Europe. The city houses more than a million bikes for a population of just 7, 00,000. People do not prefer buying cars or hiring them. The roads are narrow and the parking tickets are quite expensive. Hence, the Netherlands capital prefers biking around. The city can be toured using bicycles since it has more than 15,000 kilometers of bicycle tracks spread across every corner of the city.

City of museums

This capital has a surprising 51 museums making it the top most places across the world having museums per sq/kms. You must have read or heard about the famous Anne Frank. Her house is a popular tourist attraction in the city. Another popular museum is the Van Gogh museum. Moreover, it is has the first airport in the world which has a built-in museum. The terminal organizes many museum exhibitions around the year.

A city of dams

Amsterdam has the most number of dams in the world. Almost a quarter of the city is located below sea level. If the dams were not built here strategically, the North Sea would have submerged more than half of the country till now. Hence, dams not only hold a place of attraction but also are important for the safety of the Netherlands. Moreover, Amsterdam is a city that has been artificially built on wooden poles.

European Climate

The climatic conditions in Amsterdam are similar to much of Europe, with the comparatively cool summers and frequent interruptions with rains. The weather here is tough to predict. Cool summers and cold winters with gentle rainfall is quite often the climatic condition here.


Amsterdam is a mix of tradition and contemporary habits. You will find the most modern pub and bar while the most tradition museum. Enjoy this vibrant city along with some beach side serenity.

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