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Most beautiful places in the world

The wonders of the natural world have never failed to amaze us. Our planet is home to different kinds of natural wonders sprawled all across the globe. Accordingly, we’ve compiled a small list of some of the most beautiful places of the world that will keep you enchanted forever with their breathtaking sights:

  • The Great Blue Hole (Belize)

Located in Belize, The Great Blue Hole is a 1000-foot wide sinkhole that descends up to 412 feet. According to geologists, this sink hole must have formed almost 10,000 years ago when the increasing pressure of the rising sea level caused an underlying cave system to collapse. From the above, this great blue ocean hole surrounded by the Lighthouse Reef Atoll looks spectacular and quaintly beautiful.

  • Devils Tower (USA)

Declared as the first national monument of America by Teddy Roosevelt, the Devils tower is a huge natural column of rock that stands tall among the surrounding landscape. Although the exact origins of this enormous igneous rock tower is still unclear, but, according to geologists, this is the result of an intrusion which pushed up a giant molten rock column from below the inner earth and through the layers of sedimentary rocks. It is still unknown if the molten rock cooled above or below the earth’s surface but the presence of the vertical furrows on the tower indicates that it underwent cooling and contraction.

  • The Fairy Chimneys (Turkey)

Located in Cappadocia in Turkey, the Fairy Chimneys are tall stone spires that look like some kind of uniformly shaped stones that grew together on the surface of the earth. The early Christians from 4th to 11th century carved many storerooms, domiciles, stables and even monasteries in these fairy chimneys. Some of the chambers carved by them are still used today as guesthouses for the tourists.

  • The Crystal Caverns (Mexico)

Situated 1000 feet beneath the Naica silver mines in Mexico, the Crystal Cavern is a chamber of breathtakingly beautiful crystal pillars that looks like fallen pillars of some ancient temple. This enormous group of 36-foot solid crystal pillars in an underground cave was discovered in the year 2000 after the surrounding silver mining operations pumped the area dry.

  • The Forest of Knives (Madagascar)

Located in Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar, the Forest of Knives is truly a spectacular sight formed because of millions of years of geological process. According to geologists, the upturned limestone dagger of the forest was a slab of massive rock of soluble limestone that suffered long-term dissolution because of rainwater which eventually resulted in the knife-shaped cluster of rocks.

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