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9 Cities around the world with the most unpredictable weather


The weather in every country around the world does not remain the same at the same time. It keeps on changing every day. The weather in any city is unpredictable. However, there are many cities where the weather is most unpredictable as the meteorological department also finds itself unable to predict the weather for a whole day.

There are cities where the climate can go from best to worst within a minute. Even the weather can make you experience one or more season a day. These places are very unpredictable as far as the weather is concerned and it affects the normal lifestyle a lot. Let us discuss few cities where you can expect the worst weather changes without any prior notice.

9 Cities around the world with the most unpredictable weather:

9 Cities around the world with the most unpredictable weather:

1. Birmingham, United Kingdom


Birmingham is the city in the UK, which is believed to have the worst weather ever. The weather of Birmingham can make you experience all the seasons in a single day. The reason of the unpredictability in the weather might be due to susceptibility to the Jet stream as well as the Gulf Stream. This results in heating up the surrounding water and cause wind and rain.

2. Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, known to be the world’s most chilled city, is one of the cities around the world with the most unpredictable weather. The city is extremely cold with a snowfall of 65 inches every year. This city experiences 114 days of subzero temperature every year.

Almost all the months, this city experiences a temperature of negative 66 degrees. The temperature can turn from cold to subzero in no time here. So this city is considered to be one of the unpredictable cities as far as the weather is concerned.

3. Denver, Texas


Denver in Texas is the most tornado prone city in the world. You can experience a tornado any time of the day. The city has faced 269 tornadoes till date starting from 1950. However, most of these tornadoes are weak in nature and they do not cause any harm to life and assets.

4. Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock goes through unexpected wind and snow most of the months in a year. The city is also very prone to droughts. You might not be able to know when you will go through the sand storms in the city and this creates huge problems for the inhabitants of the city. The city experiences a snowfall of 8.1 inches every year.

5. Oklahoma City, St. Louis


The Oklahoma City experiences a snowy weather usually but it another well known cities in the world with the most unpredictable weather. No one can predict when the tornadoes start to forming around the whole city.

The storms coming with these tornadoes may bring rain and hails along with it and which in turn worsens the weather conditions in the city. The rain happening due to storms may result in fiery floods and hamper lives.

6. Kansas City, Missouri

The climate of the Kansas City is influenced by the Missouri and Kansas River. The city lies in the humid continental climate. The weather of the city is fairly mild for almost all seasons. However, the climate changes abruptly with the hot and cold air swings every month. The days are mild here whereas the nights are cool.

The temperature during summer reaches up to 38 degree Celsius and during winter the temperature reaches the freezing temperature. Kansas City sees a snowfall of 19.9 inches every year. Even during spring season, Kansas City experiences powerful storms. Some areas of the Kansas Metropolitan go through abrupt outbreaks of tornadoes any time of a month. Sporadic ice storm also usually happens in Kansas during the winter months.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana


The climate of New Orleans is influenced by humid subtropical weather. The winters here are short and mild whereas the summers are hot and humid. The summer months are wettest and October is the driest month. In winter, precipitation occurs along with passing of cold fonts.

The area is severely threatened by untimely and unreported hurricanes every year due to the area is situated at a low elevation and surrounded by water from all directions. New Orleans is also considered to be the most prone city to hurricane in the USA. Snowfall is very rare in this region.

8. Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville enjoys the humid subtropical climate. The climate of Brownsville remains cool thanks to the nearest ocean waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Though the climate remains normal here, maximum two nights a year feel the temperature below freezing point. Rainfalls are heaviest during the summer.  Brownsville also becomes the hottest city with a very high temperature during June to August.

9. Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii is the city with sun filled skies and a perfect weather around the year. However, this does not always apply for Hilo. Hilo is the most humid city in the US. The average annual precipitation touches 128 inches. Hilo also enjoys the most number of rainy days in a year that is 277 days on an average. There is a healthy chance of rain falling every day.

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