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Cities where traffic jams are at their worst

With the gradually growing population in the developing countries, the traffic density is also increasing. Every day thousand s of new vehicles are hitting the roads of the cities. Traffic jams not only make you being late to your destination, it also creates some sort of irritation in a stable mind. It also helps in increase of pollution in the city. As the developed cities have high volume of vehicles, the traffic congestion usually happens there. There are many cities in the world where traffic congestion is at its best during the peak hours, say during office or school times. Traffic congestion occurs when a volume of traffic demands more space than available on the roads. Other reasons of traffic jams are vehicle braking, accidents, road works and so on. However, the primary reason of traffic congestion is increased number of vehicles on narrow roads.

Let us discuss about few of the cities all over the world, which accommodates the maximum volume of traffic at a particular time of a day or daylong.

1.         Beijing

China’s capital city, Beijing is one of the most traffic congested cities all over the world. During rush hours, almost every road in Beijing remains jammed. Beijing is home to 20 million people. Beijing has many innovative plans in place to control the thickness of the traffic. They are checking the issue of the license plates per month to control the number of vehicles arriving every month on road. The non-Beijing plated vehicles are banned from entering certain areas of the city during rush.

2.       MexicoCity

Most of the people in Mexico City have opined that their performance in work space has been negatively affected due to the traffic congestion in the city during the peak hours. 99 out of 100 commuters are found to be negatively impact by the traffic jams. The pain index of the drivers in Mexico City is 108.

3.       Johannesburg

Johannesburg being the largest city in South Africa ranks the highest among the cities that are fed up with traffic congestion. It is believed that during the last three years the condition of the traffic congestion has only worsened. The city has scored 97 out of 100 on the scale of emotional and economic toll of commuting. Eighty percent of the commuters believe that the traffic situation can never get better in Johannesburg.

4.       Moscow

Traffic congestions have become nightmares for many of the commuters in Moscow. 64 percent of the commuters have opines that the traffic situation in Moscow has be deteriorated in past few yew years. The city has been ranked one of the worst on the average duration expected traffic jams.

5.       New Delhi

India’s capital city New Delhi is populated with around 14 million people within its metropolitan area. Most of the people in New Delhi opine that the current traffic situation has negatively affected their health. The traffic situation worsens in rainy seasons due to the roads are narrow and full of potholes.

6.       San Diego

Though San Diego is known for its awesome weather, it is also popular for its worse traffic during the peak hours. It stands 9th in the list of the worst cities as far as traffic is concerned. In San Diego metropolitan area, a population of 3 million people dwells.

7.       Tokyo

Tokyo is the worst ever city in Japan with a traffic index 153. 62. The emission due to the volume of traffic increases the green house gases in the city. The transport in Tokyo hugely depends on buses, trains, trams, cars and motorcycle. A huge percentage of people depend on road travel, which makes the traffic conditions worse.

8.       Bangkok

There are more than 7.5 million vehicles registered in Bangkok and every year there is an increase of 10 per cent in number of vehicles. It is becoming worse every year as per the commuters. There are 3.18 million private cars and 2.85 million motorcycles in Bangkok. On the most congested roads, the speed of the vehicles even drop down to 9km/hr. if you are a commuter in Bangkok, you need to be very patient to avail public transport. To reduce the volume of traffic in Bangkok, the officials have proposed to introduce a congestion fee in a bid.

9.       Manila

In Mania, the traffic conditions worsen whenever it rains there as the Metro Manila gets flooded and the traffic situation worsens. In the evening rush hours, all the major roads become congested and causes inconvenience to commuters. Heavy traffic also results in major accidents in the city. The traffic congestion in Manila takes a huge toll on the travelers as they end up in wasting a lot of time. The traffic also helps in production of green house gases, which increases the temperature of the city.

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