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Check out the incredible ways for a splendid vacation in Charleston

Introduction: The Destination 

Charleston in South Carolina, the city that came into existence in 1670 can be best described through horse-drawn carriages plying across cobblestone streets and pastel colored dwellings constructed before the American civil war. Reminiscing about the powerfully charming spell this three-century-old beautiful city had over poets, painters, playwrights and musicians who started a settlement here, Charleston had been an ideal setting for many movies, novels and opera shows. The great outdoors of the city features a spectacular landscape. Antique art pieces glorify the shopping malls and the stylish boutiques tempt the consumers to buy cartloads of handcrafted souvenirs. 

Here, the restaurants with a tasteful decor and mouth-watering seafood would certainly be a powerful lure hard to resist. The traditional buildings reflect antebellum design, decorative lanterns and historical monuments.
At the break of dawn, you may enjoy the intense pleasure of rowing your boat across a salt marsh. Equally enchanting would be go sailing before dusk with the weary sun setting the sky aflame.

Things to see

Drayton Hall
It is a spectacular Georgian Paladine house also known as the Magnolia plantation and gardens. Built by John Dayton in early 1700, this imposing property is crafted with exquisite beauty. This hall will enchant you and it is well preserved by the department of Art and culture just in the state it was received from the Drayton family. This is a fascinating 18th Century plantation lying on the banks of river Ashley.  An existing stunning specimen of the great Paladine building design that survived the American civil war, this hall is well worth a visit.

Charleston Waterfront Park

This park is amazing and highly popular among the tourists. It offers a breathtaking vista of the Charleston harbor. This 1000 feet long park that runs parallel with the coastal waters offers a much needed relaxing joint for the tourists after a hectic day spent in shopping plazas and other activity zones. The park features a tranquil ambiance and antique benches where you can just sit in a relaxed mood and watch boats sailing in the waters and the large vessels keeping the harbor busy and vibrant.

 Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge

This is a cable-stayed bridge suspended over the river Cooper. The span of this double cantilever truss architectural marvel was the fifth longest according to global ranking, standing at an astounding height of 46 meters above the waters. The bridge features a bicycle – pedestrian pathway named Wonder’s way in memory of Garret Wonders, the US navy personnel died in a bicycle accident. A visit to the bridge would be a wonderful experience.

Battery and white point gardens

Located in the center of the city, this garden offers a splendid vista of Fort Sumter and Charleston harbor. It is a wonderful confluence of the sea and rivers where river Ashley and Cooper pour into the Atlantic in a riot of foamy turbulence. There is a captivating display of cannons and mortars used in civil war which the visitors find irresistible.

Things to do

Charleston walking tours

Free tours on foot in and around the city of Charleston are fun loaded experiences. Walking tour companies operate in the city organizing tours on efficient lines. Experienced guides explain each and every place of interest along your walking tour itinerary in vivid description. The tour includes a break in between for grubs.

Charleston boat and harbor tours

You may board on luxury boats offered by several companies and sail around the Charleston harbor area.  Their service is efficient and you get to experience the panoramic waterscape in and around the beautiful harbor. You can update yourself on the rich history of this sacred city over around an hour and a half of a relaxing ride covering a large number of famous landmarks and places of interest.

Charleston Maverick Kitchen store

This is a great activity hub to hone your culinary skills and a great storehouse of kitchen appliances that would give a gorgeous look to your kitchen back home. The shop has an interesting and wide range of inventory including fun gadgets too.

Zipline and Aerial adventure parks

This is a great opportunity in Charleston to get an exposure to extreme adventure. It will keep your mind and body in a hyperactive mode. The equipments are safe and certified monitored by caring and watchful guides.
Get around (Museums and Historical sites)

There are a number of historical spots in the city where you can get around like
– Dock street theatre exhibiting the four-century-old rich and chequered Charleston history. The beautiful brickwork and ironwork frontage have added to the beauty of the structure.
– The city market is perhaps most frequented by tourists. It is open throughout the year and always on a busy shoppers rush. Boutiques, exquisite crafts and fine dining are its attractive features.
– Visiting Patriots point naval and the maritime museum is a fascinating way to get educated about the adventurous and tough sea life on board. It exhibits a range of models of high seas vessels and maritime equipments.

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