7 Ways to travel like a celebrity without spending like one

Ever wondered how all those celebrities always manage to travel in style? If you think money is the only concern here, you are wrong. Unknown to you, there are several tips and tricks celebrities adopt to travel in style without actually spending tons of money for the same purpose. Accordingly, here are 7 excellent ways to travel like a celebrity without spending like one.

Get an upgrade to first class

Think only celebrities can afford first class travel? Chances are you may be able to get a free upgrade to first class by only asking for it. One way to do this is to book off-peak flights which usually travel with plenty of empty seats. It doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra to travel first class as well. The money you spend will be well worth it with personalized attention and all-inclusive meals as well as alcoholic drinks.

Book all-inclusive deals

In sharp contrast to what we think about all-inclusive deals, booking one can turn out to be much cheaper than booking everything from the hotels and meals to travel arrangements separately. With an all-inclusive deal, everything (subject to hotel conditions) is included in the price. If you still think an all-inclusive deal is out of your budget, consider booking one during the off-season when the rates are really low. You will be surprised at the deals you come across as well as the quality of service you receive at the resort or hotel you book.

Sign up for hotel and air rewards

A number of airlines as well as hotels offer rewards programs wherein by signing up for their credit card or points program, you get rewarded with freebies on a regular basis. These rewards range from free air travel and hotel accommodation and flight, room upgrades to even huge discounts on retail merchandise. You can also expect preferential treatment from these airlines and hotels by becoming a credit card or points holder.

Select the window seat while traveling

If you are traveling by flight, make it a point to choose the window seat. This allows you to click beautiful pictures from the top, just like a celebrity does whenever he/she travels. It also allows you to share these pictures with your followers on social media platforms to garner more attention.

Coordinate outfits with the mode of travel

Ever wondered how celebrities tend to have a set of clothes for almost all kinds of travel, from red carpet events to jungle safaris? The answer is simple. They plan their outfits to synchronize with their mode of travel.

You can do the same by choosing outfits that will synchronize with the purpose of your trip rather than make you stand out like a sore thumb. Planning a beach vacation? Load your suitcases with plenty of beach wear. Planning a mountain trek? Get your mountain gear ready. This way, any photo you take reflects your style sense and makes you stand out like a true celebrity.

Accessorize well

Celebrities rarely travel without their share of accessories that display their luxurious lifestyle. While you don’t need to spend a bomb on these accessories, you can choose to flaunt your own accessories in style while traveling, thus appearing like a celebrity. Some of these will include a silk scarf, an expensive watch, branded sunglasses, designer bags and even a branded hat. Not to worry if you don’t have these though, but ensure that you are not caught dead in accessories like shorts, pajamas, flip flops and your gym clothes.

Keep your glam squad ready and operational at all times

Celebrities have their bad hair and skin days as well. That doesn’t stop them from posting pictures of their travels at all times, and looking quite dashing in all of them. The secret to this is a ready to use makeup kit that can be used for touchups whenever necessary. This way, you can ensure that you look radiant, ravishing and celebrity like in all your travel photos, no matter where and when you click them.

Wish to travel like a celebrity sans the costs involved? A few simple tips and tricks can help you jet set and go like a true celebrity while you get to spend only a fraction of what the celebrity spends in the process.

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