Best soul gripping adventure islands to visit

The islands have their unique charm not only with the sea, sun and the surf but also something beyond. The coral reefs and the opportunity to snorkel and discover the submarine ocean paradise is a lifetime experience. The very word ‘ Island ‘ conjures up the picture of a forbidden land and the distant drumbeats that bring forth a sense of foreboding with an adventure set on a hyper drive. Let us explore some of the best adventure islands:

Molokai, Hawaii

It is the second smallest island in the Hawaiian chain but nevertheless surpasses all in this tiny dot of floating landmasses in beauty and surprises. With the dry scrubland on one side and high cliffs on the other, the island locks deep rainforests and majestic mountains in the central part. Molokai is just a 20-minute flight from Oahu and once you drop in you swear you are seeing one of the most fascinating creations of nature. You may hire a mountain bike from the ‘Molokai fish & dive’ and ride on 40 miles of sun-beaten single route to explore the enigmas stored in this heaven all surrounded by sea. You may even hike to Moa ula and relish the splendor of a 40 ft high spewing cascade.

 Sumba Islands, Indonesia

Once home to the tribe of hostile headhunters, Sumba islands reflect the real eerie ambiance.  Initially, the local tribes put up a fierce resistance against building up a resort. Gradually, their confidence was won and the dream of a splendid sea resort was fulfilled. The spectacular Nihiwatu Resort located 250 miles east of Bali is nestled upon a breathtaking stretch of white sand beach flanked by terraced rice fields on one side. The vast grassy plains occupy the other.
Go on a high adventure wave surfing dancing on the crest of a furious tide. You have all your adrenalin rush peak to a crescendo that you never experienced all your life. In February, the locals celebrate the Pasola, which is a vibrant exhibit of a dummy ritual warfare, certainly a treat to the eyes.


This wonderful stretch of 510 miles of pristine island is blessed by nature with a reef fringed white sand beach. The newly opened Banyan tree resort located in Madivaru in the north Ari Atoll will fascinate you with the six luxury tented villas having spa beds. Avail the opportunity for exploring the world class diving sites and plunge into a high adventure deep sea diving. There are specific locations for watching the marine fauna that you never ever have imagined to meet in all your life.  You can head towards Rasdhoo for hammerhead sharks, Maya Thila for white tip and gray reef sharks, Gangelu Kandu for Manta rays and whale sharks. For a change, you may as well rent a yacht to explore the high seas appeal.

 Best Island, Bermuda

This panoramic subtropical archipelago made up of 181 volcanic islands is intoxicating and romantic full of high adventures as well. Best Island is adorned with a stretch of 75 miles of luxurious pink sand beach with occasional rise of rugged limestone cliffs. The island is a perfect destination for beach lovers and adventure freaks. Designed by Mother Nature, it offers excellent opportunities for deep sea soloing into the Atlantic Ocean from high up in the air.

River tubing in Jamaica

Jamaican rivers present spectacular beauty and one way of exploring its stunning scenery and get the kicks of a high voltage thrill is going for a Chukka River tubing safari. Sometimes you keep afloat on still waters and the next moment fly down the sloppy gradient as the terrain changes rapidly along with the surrounding vegetation. There are a lot of high adventure options from Kayaking to snorkeling. Watching wild aqua life is an important part of the adventure. Baby rays and upside down jellyfish abound the waters. Watching them in wild habitat is eye feasting.

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