6 Smart ideas for documenting your travels

Documenting your travels is a great idea, especially if you love traveling. Documenting your travels enables you remember each and every aspect of the trip, right from the sights, colors to the people you met and the unique experiences you had. So here are some really great ways to document your travels no matter where you go.

Maintain a Scrapbook

While some like to maintain paper journals, we insist on a scrap book. Paper journals are more formal when compared to a scrapbook which can double as a scribbling pad whenever you feel like jotting something down. Scribble away, doodle as much as you want and even paste pictures or anything else that will remind you of the exact place and time something interesting occurred while on your trip.

Do a Photo Series

Photographs speak volumes about how much you enjoyed a trip. Make it a point to carry your camera along with you and snap pictures of anything and everything that interests you. Make it more memorable by sticking to the same pose in every place you visit. Take loads of selfies in front of interesting places to keep everyone abreast of the places you visited.

Create Video Montages

Better yet, consider creating a video montage showing a time lapse video of all the places you visited while on your trip. Record videos and then simply clip them together to create your very own personal travel movie of sorts. Use a selfie stick to highlight yourself as well as the environment around you while you swivel around slowly. This will work great for a video montage.

Use Social Media

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Social media platforms help you keep your close ones abreast of your travel plans and experiences. While there are several social media platforms you can turn to for the same purpose, the most widely used for travel documentation are Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Instagram allows you to document your travels just like in a diary and lets you share the same with your followers. Pinterest comes with a mapping feature that allows you to take pictures and then pin them on the exact locations they were taken on a map, thus enabling you as well as your loved ones to know where you have been and what you have seen. Then there’s Twitter that lets you tweet about your travels using creative hashtags that will surely capture everyone’s attention.

Create a Blog

Another great way to document your travels is to create a travel blog. You can enter all the details pertaining to your travels (including text, photos and videos) on the blog and share it on social medial platforms for all to see. This may be a good option if you want to share everything on your scrapbook with close ones as well. Creating a blog is not that hard a task as well and requires just 15 minutes of your time. And the best part of it all is that you can promote your blog online and start earning money via the same.

Create Personal Post Cards

This is another really fabulous way to document your travels. While sending a postcard of a place you have been to may not have that much of an effect, sending a personalized postcard of you actually being in it is something else! There are many apps that let you do this as well. For instance, the PostSnapp app allows you to transform any of the travel photos you take into postcards that can be printed out and sent anywhere on earth.

Documenting your travels makes it easier for you to remember even the tiniest aspects of the trip. There are numerous ways in which you can document your trip as well, including journals, photo series, video montages, social media sharing and travel blogging, etc.

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