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Best global music festivals in 2016 worth visiting

Enjoy Music Festival

Music displays culture, passion and a lot of extravaganzas. Today’s music festival not only appeals to your auditory system but is a visual treat as well. Top class musicians and concert heroes have a huge fan following. The pulsating all night music festivals performed on stages or in open areas under a starlit sky has a different kind of attraction. Globally famous music festivals are potential drivers that tempt you to travel. These are one of the most popular earth shattering shows that have been providing a huge support to the tourism industry. Here we go with some of the choicest music shows whose sheer scale of popularity and flamboyance cannot be explained in words unless you visit:

Tomorrow land in Boom, Belgium

This is certainly the most sensational electronic music festival in whole of Europe.
Tomorrow land features a little remotely located venue with a loud ambiance. The venue called Dream Ville is vibrant where the attendees expect to experience an over the top stage set. This music festival is extremely popular with those who love to dance, crowd, surf and shout to the hypnotic tune delivered by the stage performers. Tomorrow land music festival features a gorgeous display of fireworks too.

 Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavík, Iceland

This music festival is a grand exhibit of the best of Scandinavian music bonanza. However, only the talents from the country are allowed on the stage to perform. It is an annual music festival and the most spectacular music ritual that spans for a length of five days delivering both the Icelandic and International musical expositions.

Common people, United Kingdom

This is a popular bonanza in the UK which is a mix of old school music lovers and the modern hip hop aficionados. The stage performers are quite famous like the Cuban brothers, the Sugar hill gang and the Public enemy. This two days music festival full of fun and psychedelic rock is staged on 28th and 29th of May organized in Southampton and Oxford.

Reggae Sum fest, Jamaica

It is the largest and the most popular summer music festival in Jamaica staged in mid July. The venue is the Montago Bay. The official sponsor is the Red Stripe, and the grand exhibit appeals to the crowd falling in the younger age group. Popular Jamaican artists like Andy Vernon, Beres Hammond, Franky Paul and the Mighty Diamonds take the night to a different level of concert ecstasy.

Open air Frauenfeld, Switzerland

This musical frenzy organized in the first week of July has an international spirit. Performers from all over the world take part in this festival. It features extreme passion, fun and spirit that rise to the crescendo in a wonderful combo. The venue is in Grosse Allmend, a vibrant Swiss town. The program also features the artists perform with non-stop energy to the applause of an inspiration charged music lovers. It is a 3-day frenzy of incomparable exhilaration including hip hop and alternative symphony. Eminent performers like Action Bronson, Coley and Yela Wolf glorify the show with their lively on stage action.

Bottle rock music festival, Napa Valley, California

This is basically a food, wine and music festival that combines all of the three attractions into a soul inspiring experience. Blessed with the best wineries in the world, Napa Valley has its own culinary stage crafted to take the ambiance to its height of excellence. The wine comes from the vineyards produce and the food and bakery products come from the premium houses like Morimoto and Bouchon bakery. International stars like Stevie Wonder, Red hot Chilli peppers and Machine are the heart throbbing attractions.

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