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7 Famous destinations you can visit on a tight budget


There are many ways in which you can travel to exotic locations around the world without necessarily spending a bomb on the same. Many places around the world allow you to enjoy a great holiday on a shoestring budget. Here are 7 such places that will guarantee to satisfy your quench for travel without creating a hole in your pocket.


Filled with adventure activities galore, Peru is one of those destinations you can visit comfortably on a strict budget. Hike around the Machu Pichu, surf one of the longest waves on earth and eat amazing local food offered in restaurants and road side eateries. Sample a slice of Peruvian culture at Lake Titkaka and Arequipa. Many double rooms start at $10 while budget meals cost around $3.


With the perfect blend of sun kissed beaches, gorgeous islands, majestic waves and untouched jungle, Indonesia is a paradise waiting to be explored. And you can do it easily with just about $25 a day. The country has plenty to offer you in terms of sights to see, sounds to hear, things to do and delicious food to eat. However, make note that you may have to bargain quite a bit to ensure that you don’t overshoot your budget while there.


A fascinating culture awaits you at Morocco, not to mention mind blowing adventures and the unforgettable beaches. Looking somewhat like a kingdom from the Arabian nights, Morocco will enthrall you with its sights and sounds. You can enjoy a double room in a rural area for as less as $8 while meals at the local shacks and eateries will cost you only about $3. Prefer a more polished restaurant? Don’t worry, all you need to shell out are $5 for a savory meal.

Northern Thailand

While Thailand can be a bit expensive down south, the Northern part of the country is relatively undisturbed by tourists, and so, offers exceptionally cheap prices for just about everything. Trek among the beautiful, unspoiled nature, visit the numerous hill tribes living in the mountains, enjoy a scintillating rafting adventure, visit breathtaking Buddhist temples and head over to nearby Chiang Mai and Pai for night long parties. While dorm beds in Chiand Mai start at $4, you can get your own private room for $8. Meals at the local eateries cost only about $2.50.

Nicaragua, Central America

Nicaragua in Central America is fast becoming a popular hotspot for backpackers, thanks to its affordable rates that make visiting this paradise worth every cent you spend. Offering you loads of unrivalled activities in the form of volcano treks, Caribbean island getaways, surfing, volcano boarding and so much more, Nicaragua is a must visit. Especially if you can spend just $5 for a dorm room ($10 will even get you a private beach front room) and less than that for meals.

Santorini, Greece

Greece is heavily relying on tourism to revive its economy. This is probably why travel rates have dropped drastically in the country over the past few years. Islands like Santorini are in fact, quite open to let you stay and enjoy your trip for as less as $25 a day.

While you may not get a standard hotel room for that price, you can get a decent room in a rental or cottage for about $15. Meals cost as low as $10, thus leaving you with lots of other ways to spend your money. If the sun kissed beaches are do not allure you, the stunning architecture and numerous hiking possibilities definitely will.


Vietnam has emerged to become a popular tourist destination today. It is also quite cheap and allows you to enjoy comfortable rooms at just $9. When it comes to meals, Vietnam has just about anything available, costing you less than $4. Cooking classes are also available while spa treatments and massages can cost you only about $10.

Thinking of traveling to places on a shoestring budget? There are numerous destinations that will help you travel, stay and eat for less than $25 a day. Keep these places in mind when planning a budget holiday the next time.

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