Most popular medical tourism destinations in the world

Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those wishing to undergo a medical procedure/treatment albeit the extremely high healthcare costs in the US and the UK. The number of medical tourism destinations is also on the rise with many countries jumping into the market with the aim of attracting medical tourists from the West. As such, here are five of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world that remain the preferred choices for many medical tourists.



A highly developed nation that boasts of a free economy, Singapore is a popular medical tourism destination for patients from Asia as well as the West. The WHO ranks the nation’s healthcare system the best in Asia and sixth best in the entire world. Some of the main drivers for the country’s immense popularity among medical tourists include personal responsibility, excellent patient-physician relationship, unmatched quality of life, increased life expectancy and of course, excellent healthcare facilities at extremely affordable costs.



Boasting of advanced healthcare technologies, Brazil is very popular for cosmetic surgeries. The nation also boasts of having the highest occupancy of cosmetic surgeons in the world. With over 40 JCI accredited hospitals, Brazil can help medical tourists undergo plastic surgeries for at least 60% of the costs they would incur for the same procedures in the west. The cosmetic surgeons here are also considered the best in the world and can perform nearly any kind of procedure. Some even perform cosmetic surgeries on pets.



India is renowned for providing medical tourists the option of undergoing high end specialized surgeries for very low prices. The nation remains the preferred destination for procedures like eye surgeries, cardiac bypass surgeries, bone marrow transplants and hip grafting/replacements., etc. Healthcare costs in India are almost 75% lesser in India when compared to the US and the UK. With over 100000 patients visiting the nation every year, the medical tourism industry in India is slated to become a $2 billion industry by 2015. Other major drivers include government regulations to ease restrictions for medical tourists, advanced medical equipment and healthcare services, highly skilled doctors and medical trainers and low language barriers.



Thailand’s medical tourism industry has grown by 16% in one year alone. And rightly so. The nation has impressed medical tourists worldwide with its range of medical procedures, extremely low healthcare costs and highly qualified medical personnel who can speak English with ease. Medical tourists flock to this wellness destination for a variety of plastic surgeries and other non-elective procedures.



Nearly half a million medical tourists visit Malaysia every year for treatments. Boasting of low healthcare costs and a well developed infrastructure (better than India), the nation has a highly skilled medical workforce that is capable of conversing in a variety of languages, including English. Some of the most sought after procedures here include in vitro fertilization and other physicals that could cost thousands of dollars in the US.


The medical tourism industry is on the rise with several countries around the world entering the lucrative market. Of these countries, these destinations remain the top most preferred choices for medical tourists worldwide. As such, new entrants into the market would need to take a leaf from these destinations in order to rise in the competitive market.

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