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Five most appealing Islands of the Pacific

Five most appealing Islands of the Pacific

Covering an area of 60 million square miles of the Earth’s surface the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean of the world and boasts more than 25,000 beautiful islands that are truly mesmerizing and stunning to visit. Here is a list of five of such attractive Pacific Islands that immediately invoke a daydream.

Solomon Islands:

With a diverse and amazing flora and fauna, exotic beaches and amazing coastline, the Solomon Islands is a group of about 347 islands which are still waiting to be uncovered. They are particularly famous amongst the divers all over the world who come here to have fun on the enchanting waters of the Islands. There are abundant reefs around the islands that are excellent for snorkeling and full of life forms such as rays, eels, angelfish, parrotfish, grouper and sharks.


The kingdom of Tonga is comprised of more than 170 islands and known for its cultural and historical heritages since it was never under any foreign rule. Tonga is one of the most famous yachting destinations of the South Pacific and a place where you can enjoy swimming tours, giving you a chance to view the humpback whales, cave diving, kayaking and horse riding. The capital of the kingdom, Nuku’alofa, is especially famous for its variety of amenities, beaches and whale watching.


Tahiti is also known as “the party center of the Pacific,” whereas the capital of the island, Papeete boasts a magnificent culture. The islands provide different sorts of activities that are suitable for people of all the age groups to keep them engaged and enjoying. From mouthwatering dishes to bustling market, Tahiti has all the things that you wish to be available on a tropical island.


Fiji contains 322 islands that are all very famous for their outstanding over-water, hut shaped accommodations for thrifty travelers with see through sections of flooring. Some of the most famous surfing resorts are a part of Fiji where people are offered attractive stay packages. The unique blend of different cultures and traditions makes it stand out different from other islands. River rafting available on island is a true delight for thrill lovers.


Palau is the best diving destination outside the Great Barrier Reef. It lies in Micronesia and contains a large number of limestone formations. One of these is the Rock Islands that look like emeralds floating in a beautiful blue sea.


All these incredible islands right inside the heart of the Pacific make it a perfect escapade where you can sit back and enjoy the sun.

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