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Amazing yet affordable places for your next holiday

Amazing yet affordable places for your next holiday

Exotic holidays do not refer just to the picturesque resorts and seven star hotels in foreign countries that are out of your reach. You can visit several wonderful places around the world without breaking your bank. The college years are the best time for traveling all around the world but the students are always short of funds. Higher studies are expensive and the wages they earn from part time jobs are miserably sufficient for exotic vacations. Wise students, however, know places that are cheaper and utilize their iPhones or iPads optimally for getting good travel deals online. In the following, you will find a list of eight unbelievably inexpensive getaways for the students and other broke travelers.


Indonesia is not the first name that pops up in our mind when we plan an exotic Asian holiday. The fourth most populated country of the world has some great sights, sceneries, foods and experiences to offer to the daring travelers. The living costs in Indonesia are surprisingly low and you can visit numerous small and medium sized islands, which are a part of this archipelago. The flavorful food, the special cultural dance of Legong and beautiful beaches will make your overseas holiday memorable for a lifetime. While in Indonesia, don’t miss the chance of visiting the Baliem Valley and the volcanic mountains.


Malaysia is another inexpensive Asian travel destination, which is more popular than Indonesia. You can enjoy a long vacation without stepping out of your budget here. Despite of its relatively smaller size, Malaysia is the home of some of the best tourist attraction spots. In the smaller beach towns, you will be able to enjoy snorkeling, rent the splendid bamboo cottages and eat sumptuous meals for just $30 per couple. The living cost in the bigger cities like Kuala Lumpur will be around $60 per night for two people. Enjoy the train rides through meadows and valleys; visit the Batu Caves and the other vibrantly colored religious shrines while you are here.


Mexico is also a surprisingly cost effective and visit worthy travel destination for the broke tourists. To experience the culture of the native Mexican people and enjoy their food you must visit places like Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Guanajuato. Ancient ruins, uncorrupted beaches and artsy cities make Mexico a great place for travelers. Couples can travel for $50 per day in this country.


Always travel to places that are completely different from the place where you live. Morocco offers sand dunes, camel rides and pristine beaches to the travelers. Prices of accommodation and food can be high in the big cities but if you visit the smaller towns near the brim of Sahara desert then you can surely enjoy a budget holiday.


At present Argentina is one of the least expensive places for students. Their economical condition has changed and the value of US dollars is much higher than their local currency. It will cost around $35 to travel in Argentina per day if you are running on a tight budget. Delicious food and beverages, stunning locales and thriving nightlife makes Argentina stand out among all the budget travel destinations.


Travel to the small, exotic Caribbean island Roatan, which is a part of Honduras and enjoy a relaxing vacation at unbelievably low prices. Food, accommodation and transportation won’t cost more than $30 per day. An elaborate gourmet dinner will cost only $10.


Some parts of Peru are more expensive than the rest but for the scenic beauty of ancient Inca remains, you will not mind the extra charges. Machu Picchu, Lima and Cuzco are costlier than the rest of Peru. You can get a meal for $3 and book rooms per night at the cost of $50 or less.


Due to recent economical upheavals, the cost of living in Portugal has decreased. That is why broke travelers with shoestring budget can now consider visiting this beautiful country. Don’t miss the sunset in Lisbon and the special Portuguese Port wine.


There are several amazing budget tourist destinations around the world. Compare the prices and visit uncommon places for enjoying an inexpensive trip.

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