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Expert travel tips for novice travelers

Expert travel tips for novice travelers

There are plenty of small and big travel tricks, which are not known to the inexperienced travelers. Lack of knowledge about a certain destination and dearth of experience in handling the nitty-gritty of traveling abroad can land them into trouble. Technology has advanced and knowledge is only a few clicks away from us. Use all the available resources optimally so that you can take correct decisions about traveling. The expert and chiseled travelers have learned to tackle adverse circumstances by making mistakes. That is why they have a great deal of insight about the common problems faced by travelers, the tourist frauds and varying costs of traveling. In the following, you will find a list of eight travel tips that the pro travelers swear by.

Ensure your safety abroad:

Your personal safety is a matter of prime concern. Make sure that all your traveling documents are in order and make copies of your passport, flight tickets and VISA. You can scan these necessary documents and save them in the cloud storage accessible from the smartphone. Get a green signal from your physician before traveling. Get vaccinated, if it is necessary for traveling to a particular place. Keep your loved ones updated about your location and contact details in case of emergency. Register with your Country’s embassy so that they can help you if any emergency arises.

Carry your first aid kit:

You should carry some basic medicines for sudden cold, aches and cuts. Keep your regular medicines if any in this kit along with permitted painkillers, antiseptic cream or lotion and paracetamols. Also keep bandages in the first aid kit.

Do not carry excess luggage:

Handling too many bags or luggage can be overwhelming for novice travelers. You can lose some of your luggage or forget it in the airport itself. Pack only the essentials and minimum number of clothes. One nice dress or classy shirt is sufficient. Pack slippers and casuals that take less space. Never forget carrying an international adaptor for charging electronic devices.

Don’t be lured by tourist scams:

Shop only at authentic places and do not buy souvenirs from over-friendly local shop owners. Chances are that they will sell you something cheap for a small fortune. Do not trust strangers or get too close to them. There are numerous scammers and conmen around the world. Stay on your guard.

Tip your housekeeping staff:

Do not act like a miser with the housekeeping staff of your hotel. Tip them everyday so that they clean your room and make your bed without any grudge. Around $2 per day is good enough as tip.

Stay at cheaper hotels:

The budget hotels offer free Wi-Fi and other free amenities to the boarders. The luxury hotels charge you for every single facility that they offer including the Wi-Fi. By saving money on accommodation, you will be able to spend it elsewhere. For example, you can eat at nice local restaurants with the money you save on accommodation.

Check your insurance policy:

Before you travel abroad, make sure that your insurance policy covers medical emergencies off shore. If not then you should consider paying extra for that privilege or get a proper travel insurance.

Enjoy the trip:

The most important tip of all is to enjoy your trip without worrying too much about the details. Let go off your tensions and fears because you are on a holiday. Soak in the culture and learn about the historical significance of places you visit. Make notes on your smartphone and add pictures to make a travel journal.


Traveling can be very hectic and difficult but at the same time, it offers an enriching experience. However, plan your trip properly to avoid unnecessary complications.

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