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Ways to get back in shape after infertility treatment

In modern world, medical treatments have advanced beyond imagination but many of these have side effects. One of the side effects of the infertility treatments is that it makes the patients bulky. If you have taken infertility treatments, then blame your post-pregnancy weight gain on it. You can take some measures to control and reduce the weight you have gained. In your eagerness to protect the health of your baby you may forget to take care of yourself. This can affect your health negatively. Would be mothers should always take care of themselves so that they can take good care of their babies.


Excessive weight gain can never be good for you or your baby. Maintaining a healthy diet is necessary for good health in both pre and post pregnancy stages. Starving and overeating both can be harmful for your health. Your fitness depends a lot on your diet so choose wisely. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat and skimmed milk are healthy options that you should keep in daily meals. Soak a handful of almonds at night and eat those when you wake up in the morning.


Make a meal plan and take 6-7 mini meals every day. Do some research on your own and find out all you can about the foods that are beneficial for your health. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. You may even consult a professional dietician and get a diet chart.


Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body organs and tissues properly. Sometimes we are not able to discern between thirst and hunger. Many pregnant women who drink little water mistake thirst for hunger and eat needlessly. This can lead to weight gain. Once you gain excessive weight, reducing it will become difficult.


If you are conscious from the very beginning of the infertility treatments then preventing weight gain will be easier. Talk to your doctor about the side effects of the infertility treatments. Make sure that the doctor who is treating you is experienced and well qualified. Do some light exercises after talking to your physician. In advanced stages of pregnancy, breathing exercises will help in de-stressing.

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