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Why we need to focus on global healthcare problems

Health Problems

Nowadays, technological advancements and easier traveling options make it simpler for people to move from one country to another without any difficulty. This also means that the global health crisis can build up rapidly and threaten the lives of a large population spanning multiple countries. The enormity of the problem is illustrated by the fact that countries in Africa bear the burden of almost twenty-four percent of the global diseases while out of total world population only eleven percent live there.

The disparity in expenditure towards global healthcare is demonstrated by the fact that Africa gets only one percent of total global health spending. If the healthcare needs to this region are to be met, then it is estimated that investment of about twenty-five to thirty billion dollars would be required to build up infrastructure consisting of hospitals and clinics.

Global Health Problems

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According to experts, health problems can be divided into three categories.

1. First is the broad problem of fewer resources, higher population, and pollution, which are affecting every country in the world. If there is a lack of necessities like water and food, we cannot stop health problems.
2. The second part of the problem is financial constraints. The World Bank reports indicate that over 1.4 billion live on earnings of $1.25 per day that reflects the problem of poverty in many countries. Such financial problem means health budget is very low and maintaining health is not a primary concern for these countries.
3. Finally, the last part involves the relationship between health and social development. Improvement in literacy can result in building better community based health projects even if the budget is limited.

It is also a fact that poor countries find it difficult to make proper use of the funds they receive from developed countries. There are occasions where financial resources and determination of people is present but basic infrastructure lacks. Illnesses also strongly affect economic development and it is found that problems like depression are factors, which block the way of development in many countries.

Solutions to Healthcare Problems

Experts believe that if poor countries can invest in private or public insurance that will financially protect families in case expensive treatments are required then it will help people safeguard their life long investments and improve economic growth in such countries.

Other strategies to provide better healthcare involve private-public partnerships where governments or organizations like UNICEF give incentives to private company’s to invest in research for new medicines for the eradication of diseases in developing countries.


Improving the global healthcare situation is a challenge in itself with so many countries still marked as underdeveloped and lacking very basic health infrastructure. One hope is a private-public partnership where government agencies and private companies work together to find solutions for common health problems.

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