Reiki Therapy


  • Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”; it was rediscovered by Dr.Mikao Usui, in Japan. In reiki therapy, the unseen universal energy is transmitted, by the reiki master using the “laying on of hands” technique to heal a person holistically as well as spiritually. The energy is transferred with the aim of enhancing and restoring the body’s own natural healing system.
  • The ability to use reiki is transferred to the student by a master through a process called”attunement’. After the series of attunement the student develops the ability to use the unlimited supply of life force energy to heal him and help others.
  • Reiki therapy:
    • Brings relaxation and enhances ability to deal with stress
    • Destroys energy blockages
    • Detoxifies the system
    • Provides new vitality
    • Relieves pain
    • Enhances personal awareness
    • Helps in meditation and positive thinking
  • Reiki may be beneficial to terminally ill patients when conventional medicines fail, by improving quality of person’s life. Now a days reiki therapy is a part of treatment for the patients suffering from cancer, autoimmune disease and multiple sclerosis for the better management of the disease. Many miraculous results related to reiki therapy had been reported


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