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Adventures activities tour package in Panama City, Panama

Adventures activities tour package in Panama City, Panama

You must have heard about Panama Canal in your school’s history book. Now, you can get the opportunity to see it live. It is exactly 77 Km in its length. Another interesting fact about the canal is, the construction involved 60,000,000 pounds of dynamite.  The visitors will be amazed to see the mind blowing engineering of the Panama Canal. You can now walk around the canal and view the natural beauty along with the market jaunt.  You can also walk around within the UNESCO approved district and enjoy the stroll with your soul mate.

Highlights of Panama City

  • Historic neighborhood of Panama city as well as its market will be easy to explore
  • Visitors can speak to the locals and know about different facts about the Panama city
  • Enjoy the views of Panama city and get mesmerized from Cerro Ancon
  • Panama canal is one of the iconic landmark where you can easily discover the local secrets
  • You can get the glimpse of Americas bridge by taking a stroll along the Amador causeway

Tour Style

History and heritage within the Panama City, local culture of people along with their life will be the tour style.

Urban Adventure will provide a local guide who can speak well in English. Other inclusions are Smithsonian’s Punta Culebra, locks and museums.

Some exclusion within the trip are tips/gratuities to the local guide, lunch, and other types of personal items.

Group size and Other Info

The maximum people taken for the tour will be no more than 12 people. The duration of the tour will be within 7 – 8 hours. The pickup location is the centrally located hotel in the Panama City. As soon as the clock struck 8 early in the morning, you must be ready for the trip. A centrally located hotel will be chosen for dropping you off.

Voucher exchange details

At the beginning of the trip, you must present your voucher to the local guide.

Confirmation of the booking is another important fact associated with the tour management team. You can either call up Panama city Urban Adventure before 24 hours of the trip to make the conformation of the booking or else simply send them an email.

Dress standard

There is no hard and fast rule about the dress to be worn by the visitors in the Panama City.  You can wear anything which makes your comfortable during the tour.

Child within the age limit of 6-11 years will be allowed for the trip. The language of communication will be English.


The tour will start with a walk to reach the canal up in the hills. You can also visit the local markets of the Panama City. The tourist guide will take each visitor to the historic neighborhood of the city. Throughout the Panama tour, you will be provided with many interesting activities. There are some fun facts within the city which is enjoyed by each and every member and the visitors. Your local guide will speak about plenty of interesting fun activities taking place in the Panama City.

You will be picked up from the hotel and carried to Mira Flores Locks that lies in Legendary Panama Canal. This is one of the iconic canals in the world that connects Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The tourist guide will speaks about the history and interesting facts about wonderful engineering.  The local guide will also take you to the museum where every fact is connected to Panama Canal.

Your Panama City tour is not yet completed. Rather, it will ask you to proceed towards Cerro Ancon. This is a name given to the Giant hill placed at Panama City which is blessed with panoramic views.  This can be known as the picturesque nation. The professional photographers will be really happy to get the snaps from here. You will also be happy to have a view of the wildlife. The giant Panama flag can be easily viewed from far away as the cloth of the flag always flies.

The local guide will then take you to the artisan market where the cultures can easily be discovered. If you want to take anything as a gift for home, the local handicraft will be the best option. The Bridge of Americas will be another interesting view and a nature walk towards Punta Culebra will be awesome.

To know the historical facts about Casco Viejo, will be another interesting fact where the closure of Panama city tour takes place.


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