Mexican Nightlife tour package – Experience the Nightlife at the Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican Nightlife tour package - Experience the Nightlife at the Mexico City, Mexico

Some people get a great pleasure within the nightlife and entertainment after a stressful week with targeted work schedule. If you are among this category, Mexican nightlife tour will be one of the best options in your bucket.  You can now enjoy the Holy trinity of entertainment in Mexico. You will be having heavenly feeling by sipping some tequila at the famous cantina and then watch the dive of the mask wrestlers at Mexican night out. You can also get opportunity to enjoy the music at Mariachi music.

Highlights of the tour

  • You will be given full freedom to sing and dance at the Mariachi music square
  • Visitors can enjoy viewing their favorite wrestler at Lucha Libra free style wrestling match
  • You can also enjoy the unforgettable night within the city of Mexico with this tour package
  • At the Mexican cantina, you can get opportunities to have delicious food and drinks along with your friends

Tour style

This include the local life and culture of the people staying in Mexico

You will be provided with an English speaking guide throughout the tour. The welcome drinks, local transport, lucha libra will be provided to you within the tour package.

The items which are excluded include the personal gift items, entrance fee to the clubs, beverage and food items which are not within the limit, tips to the guide, entrance fees to the clubs.

Group size and other information

The group side should not exceed more than 12 people. The entire tour will be covered within 5 hours. The meeting point will be Museo Mexicano del Diseño.  Sharp at 5pm, the tour will be started.  The ending point of the tour will be Zocalo.

Voucher and other information

It will be mandatory for you to present the voucher to the local guide at the beginning of the tour. It will be another important fact to get the conformation of the booking. You must contact the Mexico city Urban adventures 24 hours before the trip for the conformation of the booking.

Dress standard

Conservative style of dress up will be welcome among the people visiting the Mexico. Since most of the tourist spots will be non touristy areas, you must wear a long trouser such as Jeans or other cottony material.

It is advised to keep the valuable items such as passport, credit cards, and ornaments in the hotel room. You can bring small cash with you so that you can buy some small items in the street. You must also carry your raincoat or an umbrella.

Note- The tourists will not be allowed to take cameras in the arena . Checking will take place right at the entrance.

Only the individuals with 18 years or more will be allowed to be a part of this tour. The entire tour will be communicated in English language.


You must be ready to indulge with the most popular sports played in Mexico. Your tour in Mexico will start with a visit to a popular pub named as cantina. The facilities provided inside the pub are the couple drinks, accommodation for the rest of travelers and some light dinner. You can also get a briefing from the authority of urban adventure where you will come to know about your entire plan of the evening.  You will also come to know about the basic rules eccentric Lucha Libre.

The name given to popular Mexican wrestling is Lucha Libre. This is one of the popular sport in the world which stands in 2nd position. If you are visiting the Mexico city, it will be absolutely a loss without Viewing Lucha Libre. It is also have a wonderful local experience while hopping on the subway. The tour management team promises to provide you with the good seat in the arena. Tourists enjoys by having a view of the best matches of the night.

You can also make yourself enjoy the energetic, crazy and exciting atmosphere by blowing whistle, screaming and shouting with excitement within the show. Your favorite wrestler will get a boost with your activity. You will also get the scope of buying some souvenirs after completing your wrestling show.  While you are with the mask within the arena, getting some snaps like that will be very exciting.

Fun and excitement will be on your way one you put your foot step at Mexican Musician square. The visitors will be really very happy to enjoy the Mariachi music. You will be taken to other pubs after this.


[googlemap src=”,+Mexico&hl=en&ll=19.563672,-99.169464&spn=0.912266,1.674042&sll=16.256776,80.776958&sspn=14.832486,26.784668&oq=mexico&hnear=Mexico+City,+Federal+District,+Mexico&t=m&z=10″ width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

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