Travel tips for affordable European holidays

If you are planning to visit Europe and want your pocket to suffer the least, here are exclusively for you, some travel tips that will surely help you to save more on your holidays and make them the best time you would ever enjoy.

1. Try to find a cheap airfare. Take help of Online Travel Agents and enquire different airlines to get the least affordable fare costs.   Do not forget to checkout coupon codes and online discount vouchers to get extra discount.

2. The low cost European airlines and railways provide easy and affordable commutation between cities. As per your requirements, you can make a choice between high-speed trains and relatively cheap flights within Europe.

3. It would be better to stay in family owned hotels since they are light on the pocket and comfortable. The hotel options should be thought about well in advance along with the flight rates.

4. Next, after flying and lodging comes the food. Cross check the food rates before placing the final order. The restaurants outside the main market serve not only cheaper but also better food.

5. If you are planning a family tour and want to visit more monuments, you should try seeing free attractions like old towns and cities, local festivals and hiking in National parks.

6. Choosing a destination less travelled by others may definitely get you get discounts and rental coupons.

7. Guidebooks and reference books prevent the wastage of money and are trustworthy. You should be careful to choose updated books with latest information. These books will help you to plan your journey and give you knowledge about directions and maps, affordable hotels, places and transportations means.

8. Selection of the proper destination is the greatest money saving activity. Since some parts of Europe are expensive than others, you should select a place that best suits your budget. The season of travelling is also very important.

9. From age under 26 to senior citizens, from teachers to students you can get a host of discounts provided you search for the best option.

10. Preferring to travel Europe in off-season such as Venice in March and Paris in January will surely reduce many of your expenses.


If you are planning a holiday in Europe, here are some travelling tips to help you get the best fairs and add more fun to your vacations.

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