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Decoding the process of choosing a professional plastic surgeon


So, you’ve decided that you are finally ready to go under the knife. Maybe you’re getting the nose job you’ve always wanted, a tummy tuck, or breast augmentation. Whichever surgery you’ve chosen, the next step is to choose a cosmetic surgery professional

New patients are not always sure what to look for in a surgeon. How can you tell if they have the experience and skills necessary to keep the operation safe while providing the results you desire? If you are worried about whose hands will be making the cut, then these are the signs to look for and avoid.

Are They Certified?


The first, and perhaps the most important question you should ask is if the doctor has proper board certification. Several practitioners may only be trained in medical emergencies, or even just have practice as an OB/GYN. While their medical background is nice, it’s no substitute for the skills needed in the field of plastic surgery.

Ideally, you want to make sure the doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon. Someone who is board-eligible also makes for a good candidate, but fully certified hands are ones you can trust. Without that qualification, start looking elsewhere immediately.

Any qualified individual will gladly tell you what certifications and training they have. Upon asking, they will also inform about their experience with the particular surgery you want to have done.

Do You Feel Pressured?


One of the largest red flags out there is when a doctor tries to rush you into the operating room without learning anything about you. While the doctor’s staff may perform the initial consultation, the doc should still take the time to talk with you well before the surgery.

If you feel as though the office is being pushy, or that anyone could walk into their office and have a nose job on the same day, then get out. Plastic surgery is a two-way street of trust. Hardly knowing the doctor is a major indication that you won’t be happy with your results.

Have They Discussed the Risks?


When the doctor does sit down and talk with you, they should discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for this kind of surgery. During this time, they should also go over the risks involved.

Any doctor that tells you there are zero risks involved is lying. Infections, scarring, and blood clots can occur with even the tiniest operation. All of these aspects, and others that pertain to your specific operation, should be laid out on the table long before the surgery date.

Beware and Choose Wisely


While this information is brief, it contains the crucial elements to look for in a plastic surgeon and the signs to watch out for. Choosing to go under the knife is a major life decision, and should be handled by someone who has the experience and certification to perform the operation correctly.

If any of these signs pop up during a consultation or the proceeding interviews, find someone else immediately. Picking a doctor in haste isn’t worth dealing with the permanent repercussions of a surgery gone wrong.

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