Yoga poses you can practice anytime and anywhere

Yoga poses you can practice anytime

Busy schedules have extinguished exercise and relaxation from the lives of so many people. It is like working in office or eight or more hours, rushing back home and doing errands, sleeping late, getting up tired, so there is literally no time for relaxing and exercising in the morning. Well, the scenario is undoubtedly so but nothing to worry much, as yoga has some poses that you can perform just about anywhere and at anytime of the day, which means you can practice those poses even while being at office and benefit yourself.

Chair Twist

This particularly for those people who get tired sitting for long in their office that kind of stiffens their body. It is a spinal twist that helps take away all the stiffness from your back, and to do it all you need to do is to sit on any chair and twist. While sitting stretch, twist your back on the chair, and experience the relief.

Mountain Pose

Out of the many yoga poses that one can perform anytime and anywhere, one of the simplest is the mountain pose. Whether you are in your office or doing some work at home, you can perform this yoga pose to regain the lost energy and to bring in some flexibility to your body.

Deep Breathing

This one comes handy when your office environment starts getting onto your nerves. The Deep breathing technique helps you relax and calm down. It is such a great stress buster that can take away any kind of stress within few minutes, enabling you to concentrate and behave in a normal manner once again. Breathing techniques of yoga are absolutely doable in an office environment, even right there sitting at your desk if you choose to do deep breathing while sitting on your chair. If the environment allows you, take a mat to sit down and then do the breathing, if not, then breathing on chair is as good as sitting down.

Revolved Triangle Pose (parvrtta trikonasana)

Sitting for long hours continuously on your office chair might cause a back pain or stiffened arms and shoulder. This pose relieves all such tension in your body and it is perfect to be performed in an office, provided you are wearing flat shoes. Stand 3 feet from the wall, bend your upper body forward and place your hands on the wall in front of you. Now step one of your legs forward and one back so that both your legs have a gap of 1.5 feet or so. Now start pushing your hands against the wall and feel the stretch in your back, hamstring, and calf muscles.

Dancer Pose

There are a number of dancer pose variations, so pick the one you can do the best in the environment around you. An ideal pose to perform when your body starts craving for an overall stretch that could open up your body and recharge it.

Tree Pose

One pose that you can perform literally anywhere without any difficulty. Choose a spot and stand tall in a Mountain Pose while fixing your eyes on some spot in front of you. The fixing of eye is necessary, as it enables you to balance. Pick your left leg, bend it from the knee and place its foot on the inner side of your right leg. Bring your palms together in front of your chest and join them. Hold this posture for some time and then repeat it with the other leg.

Majority of people today complain that they do not get time to relax and exercise owing to their super busy schedules. In such a situation, people must practice certain yoga poses that one can perform at any time during the day and at any place and reap its health benefits.

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