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Devices that enable you to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Owing to technological advancement, fortunately we have a number of devices and gadgets at our disposal that enable us to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here is a list of such newest devices that help people lead a healthy life both indoors and outdoors.

Lapka Breathalyzer

Lapka Breathalyzer is a device that fits in your palm. You blow into Lapka and it uses your breath’s sound waves to analyze your breath. Then it generates a report based on your breath quality and transmits it to your phone with the help of an app. The other breathalyzers on market use Bluetooth to connect to phones but Lapka requires no such pairing, as it automatically starts to function as soon as you blow in it.

The device lets you know the alcohol content and level in your blood, and enables you to check your location and people with whom you drank last night. It is a cool thing to wear around your neck and use it to capture moments.

Electronic nose

We all prefer smelling food that we think is stale in order to check whether it is fit for consumption or not. Our nose passes the smell test in majority of foods but it happens to fail when it comes to smell meat. It is because of the presence of poisonous compounds in spoiled meat that human nose cannot detect. To solve this difficulty, Electronic Nose is a portable gadget that smells meats and lets you know whether you should or should not be consuming it. It smells so accurately that hardly will it ever let you fall prey to food poisoning.


Sensordrone is a small device that fits on a keychain and turns your Smartphone into a detector that detects carbon monoxide, gas leak, and becomes a diagnostic tool and much more. It measures temperature with two different sensors, and features three separate gas sensors. Sensordrone has a high-level functionality and flexibility. All the information it collects, you can see it live, keep it stored for future reference, or can get it in bursts on your Smartphone.


Air Quality Egg is a community led network of air quality sensing that is designed to gather very high resolution readings of two gases – NO2 and CO. Anyone can use it and collect important data that reveals high percentage of these two most indicative gases responsible for air pollution. You plug this sensor into the wall outside your home, and it keeps communicating with the wireless egg shaped base station placed inside. The egg contains buttons and lights that keeps transmitting collected data to the internet.


Want to test water quality then you must invest in Waterbot, a device that checks water for its purity and its level of impurity. The device is equipped with a ZigBee installed module, which transmits pollution data to the web as soon as you put the device’s one end into the lake or stream. Communities can use this superb device to check the impurity level of a stream or a lake whose water people sue for different purposes. Waterbot claims to have sensors that are much higher in performance and results in comparison to the other sensors available on the market.

CitiSense sensor

The CitiSense sensor is a portable air pollution sensor that enables people to check the pollution level on their Smartphone. It takes into consideration the local concentration of harmful gases in the air such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone. The device wirelessly transmits this data to the user’s mobile with the number ratings and the percentage of pollutants in the air.

The idea behind development of this noble device is to encourage people to participate in order to eliminate air pollution. The first step towards eliminating something is awareness, as this device makes people aware of the air pollutants.

There are some pretty cool gadgets and devices available that help us all lead a healthy life inside our homes and outside as well.


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