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10 Tips for a regular fitness regimen

Stay Glued To Your Fitness Regimen

Planning a workout routine is easy but what is difficult is its execution. How many times have you discontinued your exercise regimen? Or how easily do you forget about your resolution of regular exercise? A workout plan can only be successful if you stay focused, determined, and motivated towards your target. Here are a few simple tips that may help you to stick to your exercise routine:

1. Work out with a partner
It is easier to be punctual and motivated if you exercise along with your spouse, friend, or trainer. In this way there are less chances of skipping out of routine due to mere laziness or lame excuses. Working out in groups is also fun and a good way to spend quality time. This reduces the stress associated with daily workout plans.

2. Set a goal
Setting up an exercise goal can keep you more focused. You can start with small targets and then move to bigger goals. Do not strain yourself too much from the beginning as this will reduce your interest. So, you can start with a daily exercise routine of 20 minutes which can be increased to 40 minutes gradually in few weeks.

3. Start with the basics
Begin with the most simple and easy exercises. This will warm up your body and prepare it for enduring sturdy exercises later. You can increase the intensity gradually with time.

4. Make it exciting
Do not take workouts a daily chore. Assume it to be a recreational activity which you are doing for fun and benefits. Buy a new pair of clothes and shoes for your exercise or gym classes. The excitement of using the new products will motivate you toward your goal.

5. Stay in momentum
If you have missed your exercise for a few days due to illness, vacation or office trip, then do not give up. Get back into the momentum as quickly as possible and set up your new goals. The more you stay away from it, the tougher it is to get back on track.

6. Make the whole process enjoyable
Just don’t go on the whole regimen monotonously. This way you will soon be fed up of the daily routine. Make the workout more enjoyable. Be creative in your approach. You can listen to your favorite music or download an audio-book on your podcast. Do something different in every few days to keep you rejuvenated. Like you can go for swimming, hiking, cycling, aerobics or any other physical activity you like.

7. Be flexible in your approach
Sometimes, it becomes difficult to follow the schedule. You may not be able to workout in the morning. But you don’t need to avoid exercise altogether that day. Try to be flexible and accommodate the time for exercise in the evening.

8. Get adequate sleep
Most people skip their daily workout routine due to sleepiness. So, it is important for you to sleep and wake up at the appropriate time. Even when you are very tired just try out some easy warm ups that day. It will be helpful in re-energizing you.

9. Eat healthy
To stay on a daily routine of exercise, it’s essential for you to take a healthy diet. It is recommended not to workout after a heavy meal or empty stomach. Eat something before exercising. Food rich in protein and carbohydrates can be beneficial. You can go for apples, bananas, oats, or a vegetable sandwich.

10. Appreciate and reward yourself
After achieving your daily goals, appreciate your achievement. This will keep you motivated. Monitor the changes or the benefits the regimen has bestowed upon you. You can reward yourself with a leisure time of 15 minutes after the workout. You can sip a cup of hot tea, drink a glass of juice and have a cold shower.

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