Breathing techniques you can match with Yoga to lose weight

Yoga to lose weight

Millions of people around the world want to reduce their weight. Some people go for pills, some exercise, some diet and others just about anything. Well, Yoga breathing techniques is a better option as it has several benefits in addition to weight reduction, which you will read here. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything.

How do breathing techniques help us shed weight?

Yogic breathing techniques help in enhancing the metabolic activities of the body. The thyroid gland is regulated by these techniques. As a result of deep breathing, certain hormones are released in the body, which help in weight reduction. Then, there are certain breathing techniques, which have effect on the abdomen and help in weight reduction.

By breathing deeply, more amount of oxygen enters the blood stream, which provides more energy to the body for all sorts of activities. Deep breathing fills the lungs with more oxygen, the body cells receive appropriate amount of oxygen, which increases oxidation in the body. With increased oxidation the fat cells burn and bodyweight is reduced. Here are some yogic breathing techniques that will help you shed weight.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama is also known as Bellow’s breath, as you inhale and exhale fast like a bellow. On a yoga-mat or blanket, be seated in the lotus pose or sukh asana or simply crossed legged. Let your spine be erect and hand in Gyan Mudra. To make the Gyan Mudra, simply touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb.

The remaining three fingers are to be stretched straight. Keep your hands on your knees, with the palms facing the sky. Now, take a deep breath inside quickly and exhale out quickly. Repeat this for five minutes initially. You can increase the process gradually with practice, up to half an hour.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

It is said in Yoga, that there are thousands of nadis (channels) in the psychic body. These nadis carry energy in them and any blockage in them causes obstruction in the flow of energy. The Nadi Shodhan Pranayama is meant to purify these nadis so that the flow of energy is not blocked. Along with the reduction in weight, this pranayama has tremendous health benefits, including curing respiratory problems.

Sit on a mat, crossed legged or in an asana of your choice and make the Gyan Mudra as explained earlier. With your right thumb, close your right nostril, inhale deeply from the left nostril. Close the left nostril with your index finger, remove your thumb from the right nostril and release the air from the right nostril. Keeping your finger on the left nostril, inhale from the right nostril. Now close the right nostril with the thumb again, remove the finger from the loeft nostril and exhale the air out. This completes on cycle, repeat at least twenty five cycles initially and gradually increase the number of cycles up to hundred.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

The literal meaning of Kapalbhati is “shinning forehead.” A shinning forehead is a sign of a healthy body Kapalbhati helps you accomplish it. This pranayama helps you lose weight, detoxify and posses a sharper intellect. You would feel a calmer mind, improved blood circulation and radiance on your face.

Sit on a mat, in an asana of your choice, we suggest to sit crossed legged. Keep your hands on your knees with the palms facing the sky. Gently inhale and then throw the breath out pulling your navel towards the spine. Breathing out has to be forceful, inhalation will happen automatically. Start with a set of twenty rounds and gradually increase the number of sets to five.

These yogic breathing techniques will give you much more than just weight reduction. You would feel a calmer mind and more energetic body. Once you experience the benefits, you will continue them throughout your life.

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