The best natural and alternative therapies for deafness

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Hearing problem is more common than we would like to acknowledge. Ears are one of the most essential organs of our body that is connected to one of out five senses, namely hearing. Deafness can be caused by several different factors. Poor or improper diet, exposure to high volume music and noise pollution is increasing the risk and chances of deafness.

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An average human starts losing hearing ability slowly from his or her twenties. However, until the problem snowballs into a major inconvenience no one admits its presence in their lives. Deafness can be reduced and even cured by some natural and alternative therapies. In this article some of the best alternative treatment options for curing deafness and hearing problems have been discussed.

Sound therapy can heal hearing problems


A huge number of individuals suffering from severe to mild hearing loss have experienced great improvement by using sound therapy. Research and scientific studies show that hearing loss is not anymore an attribute of old age. Even the young people who listen to high volume rock music can have the same hearing ability as that of a fifty-year-old person.

The deafness that comes with exposure to noise and sound pollution is known as cochlear damage. The lack of high frequency sound can also lead to a sense of deafness. Defected central auditory processing, overgrowth of the cochlear bone and poor middle ear muscle tone can also be the cause of hearing problems.

Dr. Tomatis has designed a special electronic ear by using special activation filters and specific algorithms. In sound therapy classical music filtered through this special electronic ear is used. This unique sound is used for stimulating the auditory system and naturally healing the hearing dysfunction.

Dr. Tomatis’s electronic ear can manipulate the frequencies of the sound so that it can match the sound to the auditory curve of human ear. The brilliance of the device is the secret behind the effectiveness of sound therapy.

Prevention tips for increasing the effectiveness of treatments

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Hearing loss can be caused by blocked sinus, sinus infections and severe colds. Allergies can also have an adverse effect on our hearing ability. Sinus infection and allergies can choke the Eustachian tube that regulates ear pressure. The ear space fills with fluid that makes one feel temporarily deaf.

Timely diagnosis and treatment can lower and remove the risk of hearing loss in this case. Clogged ear is another problem that often leads to hearing loss. This common condition causes pain, dizziness and gives a feeling of fullness inside the ear. Every year around 12 million people visit doctors for getting earwax removed. Earwax, the main reason of clogged ear can also cause partial deafness.

Treating it by an experienced otolaryngologist will prevent greater damage and restore hearing ability. Regular consumptions of medicines like aspirin for more than a span of 10 days can also affect your hearing. NSAIDS like ibuprofen causes tinnitus and hampers proper hearing. Consult a doctor before taking NSAIDS for a prolonged period.

Natural remedies for hearing loss

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Herbal medicines can come handy in reducing your hearing problems. There are anti-microbial plants which are used for making herbal medicine that reduces infection. Such medicines are also effective in curing ear infections. Cleaning plants help in removing dirt and ear wax from the ears for enhancing hearing ability.

Gingko extracts have proved to be useful in preventing blood vessel breakage and enhancing blood circulation to the brain, ultimately safeguarding our hearing ability. Marjoram is also effective in treating and curing hearing loss.

Deafness can be caused by a variety of reasons. One must consult an experienced doctor for preventing sinus infection and allergies from damaging the hearing ability. Natural remedies and sound therapy can help in reducing deafness.

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