Yoga – Yoga and health benefits it brings for long time

Yoga is a practical science of health, which, if practiced regularly, can reduce stress from your body, mind and help your body to cope with the natural aging process. Majority of people are still unaware about the tremendous negative effects of stress and anxiety on one’s body. It has been scientifically proved that stress can make your body rigid and stiff by causing the soft tissue of your body to harden and contract thereby limiting your body mobility.

Yoga Asanas

Moreover, besides physical stress, emotional stress can also cause your mind, body and spirit to compress and narrow over the time. As you grow old, the emotional stress can have the same constricting effects as that of physical stress. Continuous stress can lead to various physical ailments and in some cases, even chronic diseases. For example, if your body continuously faces restriction then your health will gradually deteriorate leading to insufficient flow of nutrients and oxygen to your entire system. Consequently, your body is compelled to work harder for compensating this deficiency of nutrients and eventually lead to frequent illness, fatigue, uneasiness and depression. So, a routine practice of Yoga will help you with improved blood circulation, reduced stiffness and will pave the way for you to deal with difficulties involving your mind and spirit.

Yoga Asanas or postures are designed with an aim to protect your health from the negative effects stress or trauma and to increase your capacity for enduring pain, stress and trauma without affecting your mind and body. Yoga is all about bringing balance to your body through various Yoga Asanas and Mudras or hand gestures. These exercises not only bring a sense of calmness to your mind, body and soul but also increase your blood circulation in your body and removes harmful toxins.

exercising Yoga posture

Regular stretching of your mind and body promotes cell growth and decelerates the aging process up to some extent. Moreover, maintaining proper alignment while exercising Yoga postures prevents your muscles from getting exhausted leading them to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. This is another reason for the Yoga practitioners to look younger than their actual age. However, besides surface transformation, Yoga also helps in inner makeover as it can bring a revolution in your mind, body and soul.

Through Yoga practices you can gain immense health benefits as regular practice can improve your pulse rate, respiratory pressure, blood pressure, immunity system, nervous system etc. However, performing Yoga Asanas can also benefit you psychologically by developing your self-awareness, well-being, self-acceptance, emotions, memory, cognitive ability etc. Another advantage of performing Yoga Asanas is that, it can make your internal glands and organs massage each other through various body postures thereby helping them to remain active and healthy even when you get old.

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