Yoga poses that help strengthen your core muscles

Yoga poses strengthen your core muscles

While Yoga meditation and breathing exercises are all well and good for your psychological relief, the poses are the ones that build up your fitness and physicality. In allusion to the second point, Yoga has been seen as an effective workout scope that enhances upon your core muscles. So, without further delay, let us check out some of the poses that are particularly good for this criterion.

Camel Pose

Also known as the Ustrasana, this fun pose allows you to mimic the one and only camel. With your knees as the primary support, the posture requires a full bowing of the body (with both of the legs on the ground). Then you can grab at your heel from behind, in the process creating an outward arc along the belly region.

Pendant Pose

Also known as Lolasana, this form requires you to sit in a classic ‘sage’ posture, with your legs crossed (right knee upon left knee). Then you have to keep your palms firmly on the ground and use them as a support to lift up your hip region. This position can be held for around three deep breathes, while your toes push towards your buttocks.

Wind Release Pose

Also known as Apanasana, bicycle crunch enthusiasts would be somewhat familiar to this posture. The exercise requires you to lie on your back, and then bring your knees close to your chest. The abdominal and stomach muscles will work their way (thus flexing themselves) to keep your lower torso ‘fixed’ to the ground, while you move your knees away from the body with complimentary inhaling.

Half Frog Pose

Also known as Ardha Bhekasana, the posture entails lying on one’s belly, and then using the forearms to press against the floor. Using this leverage, you have to lift up your head and upper body (including shoulders and chest). Then comes the tricky part, where you have to bend your right knee and bring the heel towards your buttocks. Now, you take away your right arm (with the left arm still supporting the upper torso) and take hold of your right foot with this arm. The resultant back muscles get flexed while you hold this pose for 30 seconds.

Boat Pose

Also known as Navasana, this abs and spine flexing posture requires you to move your knees towards your chest. This is to be done with the lower pelvic region as the ground support. Now, you have to move up your straightened legs along a linear line, so that they form around 45 degrees with the ceiling. This should be done with your spine being still kept firm without hunching. However, if your back begins to bend, you should stop straightening your legs for a half boat pose.




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