Five best yoga poses for men

yoga poses for men

There is a pretty unfortunate trend of our pop culture that associates Yoga to feminine pursuits or worst yet senility. However, the majority of Yoga poses work as well for men as for women. In fact, Yoga can be considered as the only ‘collective’ work out session that rejuvenates your mental, physical and spiritual faculties; while at the time also building up your immunity. In this regard, let us go through some of the poses that are specifically beneficial for men.

Downward Dog

A complete downward facing position, this pose requires you to put your knees below the thigh region (with your heels resting on the floor), while you stretch your arms forward (with the palms resting on the floor). Now, you move up your knees along with lifting up your tailbone, while your heels press more on the ground. This exercise helps in strengthening your legs and also makes your hamstring and calves more flexible.

Warrior One

This classic standing pose requires you to move your left foot and put it at an angle (preferably 45 degrees) to the ground. The right foot should be taken forward, so that your knee is aligned vertically to your ankle. Now, you can put both your arms above your head, and then fold your palms like a ‘Namaste’. When this pose is set, you need to keep your view along your thumb region, with the hip and torso staying stationary and the pressure being released at the feet. This strengthens both your upper and lower body.

Bow Pose

Also known as the Dhanurasana, this is a sort of an inverse exercise which might be a tad bit difficult for the amateurs. The posture requires you to bend your body inversely like a bow, with your hands holding on to your feet from behind. A constant breathing process supplements the balancing act, which can be done for around 30 seconds. The beneficial effect results in enhanced flexibility and back strength.

Hero Pose

A complete kneeling pose, this knee joint enhancing posture requires you to move your heels alongside your buttocks, while your ankles are used as support upon the ground. Now, with your knees touching each other, the ideal situation is to place your butt region upon the floor (like sitting) between your legs. However, some may experience difficulty in doing this. So, they can use an external support for sitting, which can be placed between their legs.

Boat Pose

A sitting pose, this abs and spine flexing posture requires you to move your knees towards your chest. This is to be done with the lower pelvic region as the ground support. Now, you have to move up your straightened legs along a linear line, so that they form around 45 degrees with the ceiling. This should be done with your spine being still kept firm without hunching. However, if your back begins to bend, you should stop straightening your legs for a half boat pose.

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