Develop your own meditation space at home for rejuvenation

Develop your own meditation space

When you seek an escape from the noisy world around you, it is always a great idea to meditate in your own special room. Connecting to that higher power in your own mediation room can actually be made more exiting and special through innovative ways. You can create your meditation room that helps you to recharge your energy in your own style. A sacred space can be created anywhere, irrespective of any rules and regulations. Thus, you may choose an area that you find comfortable and develop it into your meditation space. Check out some tips on how you may do this.

Choose a suitable area

According to your meditation practices, choose a space that looks most suitable and relaxing. You can make it more comfortable by adding relaxing cushions, mats, chairs and benches. Basically, the idea is to pick a room or space where you feel good. Make sure that this space receives no disturbing noise. If your space receives natural light and fresh air, then it can be healthier for you to meditate there. Probably, you could choose a room that faces the sun.

Keep the area clean

It is very important to keep the meditation room clean and uncluttered. Otherwise, it keeps disturbing you and does not let you concentrate while chanting or praying. A clean space can make you feel happier.

Place a prayer table with meditation elements

Along with comfortable seating, it is also important to have a prayer table in your meditation room. When you create your meditation space, make sure to have such a table where you may place items of your meditation. For example, you can keep pictures of your deities, some concentration elements or simply some candles. If you use music as a part of your meditation practice, then you may also keep your favorite CDs in the room.

Bring nature to your space

Meditation can be very healing if it is done in a natural setting. As you may not go and sit under a tree to meditate, it is a nice idea to bring natural elements to your meditation room. You may bring harmony by placing some flowery potted plants, flower vases, a water fountain or even some sand-filled jars in your meditation room.

Create a soothing atmosphere

You may do this by spreading natural aroma in your meditation room or by playing soulful music. However, it is your own choice to play music while doing meditation. If you have a musical fountain or aromatic candles/oil in your room, then it can be sufficient to create a soothing atmosphere.

Personalize your room

A personalized room can relax your soul to the core. Thus, you may decorate it in your own style. You may place a Buddha statue, healing stones, beads (here’s how to choose japa mala beads) or crystals, etc. If you have space to hang some paintings, then you may also do that. Simply give a personalized touch that makes your mind and soul happier.

Keep your gadgets out

When you are in a room for meditation, it is better to place disturbing gadgets out. Do not keep your phones or laptops in your meditation room.


Create your personalized meditation space that can be healing to your soul. Keep this space free of noise and decorate it with some soulful items.

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