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Keep your feet warm in the winters to beat the chill


Treadmills are not for people who love going out for long walks, even during winters. It is a routine that such people never like to break but sometimes winters go harsh and they fear they might experience painful cold toes and even frostbites. It is heart breaking for people with penchant for walks to drop their idea because of the sheer thought of getting cold feat. However, if one takes certain precautions then one can keep their feet warm even when they are out in chilling weather. Scroll through to get the hang of various tips to keep your feet warm and do not let cold feet keep you away from your walks even during winters:

Watch your shoes

How cold or warm our feet are greatly depends upon the type of shoes that we wear. This is why there is a difference between the shoes that we wear in summers and the ones during winters. Shoes for winters should be the less-breathable shoes, as in they should be boots or the trail shoes that do not have the mesh design on them.

Mesh allows air to enter the shoe, which is good in summers but not in winters. Go for shoes that have a complete leather design, as it helps keep out wind and cold. If you want comfortable shoes for running or jogging then make sure they are flexible enough. The rigid boots keep your feet warm but they are not good for the walk purpose. Luckily, today you get ample variety and chic designs of trail running shoes.

Do the double layering

You are supposed to wear warm socks but there goes a double layering. The inner layer should be a sweat-wicking polypropylene thin sock, and the outer layer should be a wool sock. This ideal combination will keep your feet safe from the frostbite. The thickness of the wool sock depends upon the size of your shoe. You can only go for a thicker wool sock if your shoe size allows you.

Toe Warmers

Toe warmers are very effective to keep your toes warm inside the shoe. You can put them below or above your toes in the shoe and a natural reaction produces gentle heat that lasts up to six hours. You can use one toe warmer only once, they are thin like insoles. Toe warmers are ideal to be worn with performance walking shoes that have a mesh design, and they allow cold air in and make the feet cold.

Disposable shower caps

Those disposable shower caps you usually get while your hotel stay are worth a collect. It is something that can effectively keep away the rain and snow out of your shoes. Put your double-layered socks and then put a shower cap on your feet. It will block the wind, water, and snow from entering your shoe, thus helping your feet to stay warm.

The paper lining

This tip is a well-tried and tested one by experts around the world. Paper makes a superb disposable insulator, whether you use it under your shirt or a jacket to keep away the harsh wind from entering inside, or in your shoes to keep your feet warm. Yes, you can tuck a piece of paper or a paper napkin inside your shoe, over your toes and fingers. Doing so creates a thin layer of insulation inside your shoe that does not come in the way of your comfort and enables you to have warm feet out in the cold. The paper gets wet on rainy days though but during wet days, it is a superb option.


Whoever has a penchant for walks even in winters but scares the biting cold outside, especially the cold feet that one gets in winters, they should get the hang of certain tips that are really effective and helpful to keep one’s feet warm out in winters.

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