Guide to understanding health benefits of a medical spa

health benefits of a medical spa

Medical spas are the best escapades to relax, take care of you and discover the beautiful side of our life away from the burden and pressures of life. They treat a wide range of things; from skin resurfacing to determine the cause of pain and physical difficulty of patients. They reduce stress and improve our health and concentration. Read this article to know more about the treatment and relaxation offered at medical spas.

The global medical spa market valued US $ 11.1 billion in 2017 is projected to touch US$ 27.6 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 12.2% within the period. Growing awareness of wellness has triggered the growth of medical spas, a specialized niche of spa treatments.

Origin of medical spas:

minor medical procedure

With the advent of alpha hydroxyl acids and collagen injectibles, the idea of medical spas came into being in 1980s. It was becoming the need of the hour to transform the places of relaxation and rejuvenation into places of conduct of minor medical procedures. It was also because unlike traditional clinics where the people were unwilling to be treated due to their fears related to the place of doctors, these medical spas are far more comfortable and relaxing.

The history of spas can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman times where bathing in natural waters was considered to have healing and sacred effects that purified the mind, body and spirit.

Treatments offered in medical spas:

However, modern day spas provide a number of modified treatments like anti-wrinkle injections, Botox, chemical peels and laser treatments including breast implant operations, chin, face and eyelid lifts and also tummy tucks performed by health professionals.

The Botox injections, facial rejuvenation and laser treatments provided at a medical spa are a perfect alternative to the painful and abrasive plastic surgeries and face-lifts. The recovery time for the treatment at the spas is very less.

Unlike the traditional surgeries, the medical spas are a more natural way to the healing procedures. With whatever treatment you choose you will find yourself with a better outlook towards life, health and appearance.

Only skilled and licensed professionals handle the customers at such medical spas. However, you should do adequate research about the facilities as to whether they are properly maintained and are clean up to the code. Above all, you should always visit a licensed spa. The personnel at the spa should be helpful and attentive towards you. You can avail such information through the online internet reviews or by asking people who have already been to a particular spa about their experience.

Reasons to opt for medical spas

Medical spa offers a variety of treatments

Most of the people think that medical spa is only for body massaging and relaxing, but they are actually far away from the reality. Medical spa offers a variety of treatments related to skin, along with various other beauty treatments.

There are many medical treatment packages for body massage, body waxing, facials, and many other beauty treatments. Medical spa is just like visiting a doctor every month for your medical checkup. It protects both body as well as your skin. Here we present you the useful information regarding medical spa.

What to expect

Medical spas provide you the most relaxing atmosphere. There are a few similarities between a day spa and medical spa, although there is a big difference between them. The highly specialized doctors and surgeons conduct medical spa, as it also includes cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments, while on the other hand, therapists are qualified to do day spas only.The relaxing environment works wonders for your mental health as it is different from the stressed ambience in a typical doctor’s office crowded with patients.

Reasons you should visit a medical spa:

aging signs

People visit medical spas for self-reboot. Feeling low? Your skin losing the desired sheen? Overwhelmed with acne flares? Aging signs are getting prominent? The reasons are good enough to fix an appointment with a reputed and licensed medical spa.

Advanced anti-ageing and skin treatments

Medical spas offer huge variety of skin treatments, such as laser skin surfacing, skin tightening and skin recovering, which gives you the ever glowing and blushing skin. It also helps improving damaged skin and recovering tanning of arms, neck, legs and other parts of the body. Medical spa helps curing many skin diseases and makes your skin healthy.

Safe, effective and non-invasive treatments


Medical spa is safe and effective, as it operates under the supervision of the best doctors and surgeons who know well about your skin even more than you do. They will help you in getting the best treatment for your skin, which will be highly beneficial in recovering your skin.

Relieves stress and helps in develop a positive mindset

Medical spa is a medical clinic that provides several facilities for your body and skin. It not only gives your mental peace and inner satisfaction but also provides you the best skin care. With maximum benefits and comfort, it is the best place to relieve your stress. If you are searching for the best skin care and rejuvenating treatments, medical spa is the way to go.

Self-reboot within a budget


Very often people think that spas are very expensive and out of their budget and they just cannot afford it. However, spas not that much costly and anyone can afford it. You can also make it affordable by choosing the package within your budget and enjoy your medical spa.

Access to hi-tech rejuvenating programs

Medical spas are growing in popularity for tech-driven sophisticated cosmetic and rejuvenating programs that not only help in reshaping your appearance but also gives you an understanding of your health conditions. You can avail tailor-made personalized health and wellness programs based on your DNA tests.

Reduce symptoms of existing health conditions

man suffering from Joint Pain

Medical spa offerings extend beyond anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments. Many spas have in-house certified practitioners of alternative therapies whose guidance may help reduce symptoms of arthritis, joint pains, sleep disorders, heart problems and previous injuries.

Consultations for preventative treatments

Increased awareness in building resilience against diseases has driven people towards preventative treatments. You can avail professional consultations in medical spas that help in the early detection of imbalances and symptoms making you proactive in self healthcare.

Embark on a wellness lifestyle

relaxing vacation

The health benefits of medical spas could be realised best when integrated with wellness resorts. Wellness travellers seeking rejuvenating therapies are drawn towards medical spas in resorts along with spending a relaxing vacation full of activities that trigger your wellbeing.

Yearning to preserve youthfulness and appearance would remain forever. The growth of medical spas could be attributed to remarkable tech-driven advancements in anti-aging and rejuvenating therapies that give a chiselled flawless appearance. Furthermore, by integrating a host of health and wellness programs, medical spas have become the go-to destination where individuals get an opportunity to know and explore wellness lifestyle to lead quality life with high self-esteem.

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