A Guide to Medi Spa – Origin, Features, Services Offered, Benefits, Destinations and Other Useful Tips

A Guide to Medi Spa

A bird’s eye view:

The Medi spa concept has worked wonders for an all-round boost to the wellness industry. Spas have been playing a pivotal role in fostering growth of global wellness market and with resorts and hotels backing up medical and health services with post treatment spa packages are going to drive the wellness tourism market worldwide.

Conceptually, a Medi-spa is a unique of its kind featuring a medical treatment schedule along with selected spa treatments, offered as part of wellness resort programs. These facilities are run with a close monitoring of services by licensed healthcare professionals. The services offered are:

  • Use of lasers for medical treatment.
  • Regular spa services like facials and massages.
  • Other beauty enhancing procedures.

Medi-spas may house physicians, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, dentists, laser therapists and practitioner nurses, assistant physicians, estheticians etc. Patients traveling beyond the border are keen to avail these customized services in the clinics or resorts for fast recovery.

Therefore, it is not surprising that leading medical tourism destinations are gearing up to offer innovative post treatment spa products in synergy with the medical treatments availed by the foreign patients.

The ultimate objective is to provide a highly gratifying health tourism experience not only through quality medical support but also facilitating an overall wellness enhancement of the traveler.

In this wellness tourism guide you will read about:

A Guide to Medi Spa – Origin, Features, Services Offered, Benefits, Destinations and Other Useful Tips

Origin of medical spas

Geothermal spa. Woman relaxing in hot spring pool against the background of a waterfall. hot springs concept

With the advent of alpha hydroxyl acids and collagen injectibles, the idea of medical spas came into being in 1980s. It was becoming the need of the hour to transform the places of relaxation and rejuvenation into places of conduct of minor medical procedures. It was also because unlike traditional clinics where the people were unwilling to be treated due to their fears related to the place of doctors, these medical spas are far more comfortable and relaxing.

The history of spas can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman times where bathing in natural waters was considered to have healing and sacred effects that purified the mind, body and spirit.

The growing demand for anti-aging treatments boosting Medi-spas

People around the world are dying to look young. It seems like they are ready to go any length to strike and draw benefits from the fountain of elixir. The desire to master anti-aging secrets is a dominant factor that keeps the medi-spa concept going.

Therefore, it is natural that hospitals and clinics in wellness resort in world, are planning to offer spa facilities as well in addition to their regular treatment packages. Emphasis on striking a fine equilibrium among physical, psychological and spiritual health seem to be the order of the day as is apparent from customer preferences.

In addition, preventive medicine finds a significant status in the customers’ wish list for achieving an integrated all-wellness state of physical and mental health.

The immense popularity of medi-spas has been driven by the baby-boomer generation where a significant percentage of the global population covets running the biological clock backwards to reverse the aging process if that was somehow possible!

Medi-spa offering combo wellness resort programs and health enhancing facilities

Pressotherapy treatment - lymphatic drainage massage. Non-surgical hardware cosmetology or body sculpting in beauty salon

The concept of going for a combo package featuring both leisure vacations and health recovery and enhancement is the most happening thing across the globe. The latest version of medical tourism programs customized to suit a healthcare vacation would include:

  • State –of-the-art procedures in medical imaging check-ups.
  • Personalized health management
  • Healthy diet charts
  • Consultancies aimed at achieving a better health of clients
  • Executive fitness training sessions.
  • Rejuvenating Spa therapies
  • Beauty furloughs covering cosmetic and plastic surgeries, skin treatment plans and leisure including exploration of local ruins, religious shrines , places of historical and cultural significance.

Fact findings

  • Studies reveal that in 2016 the US medical spa market had brought in revenue worth 3.6 billion USD.
  • Its growth estimate is envisaged at 18 % annually and the bottom-line profits are averaged out around 14 %.
  • Currently, about 2100 Medi spas are doing a roaring business in the US.
  • In 2011, the US citizens spent $10 billion on cosmetic non-invasive treatments.
  • 83% of medi-spa customers are females while the number of male customers is also on the rise.

Factors backing up the expansion of Medi spas are multifarious. Among them age old aesthetic procedures time tested over a span of 18- 25 years and laser hair removal and tattoo removal procedures are selling like hot cakes. In this backdrop, as the competition is growing, the prices slide making the facilities more affordable to customers. With technological innovations the laser equipments have turned more efficient. Wellness resort design all over the world include medi-spa facilities in their design.

Rapid beefing up of the market

Picture of young woman gets cosmetic face injection in beauty salon

The wellness business is going through a phenomenal expansion rate. The medical spas and wellness resort in world, have turned into those sacrosanct health solution units promising the much sought-after fountain of youth. They prod the ancient human desire of staying young and virile forever.

With the eminent celebrities from the world of celluloid and sports backing up the ambitious medi-spa projects, the silver lining behind the clouds look pronounced.

The power factor

The vital force behind spas is their capability to provide relaxation and de-stressing packages to clients together with delivery of preventive medicines and wellness services.

The focus is on multiple areas encompassing:

  • Fitness sessions
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Body therapies
  • Salons
  • Sleep management and training to achieve sound sleep
  • mind body physiatrist

The consumers link up the quality of services delivered by staffs as well as their attitude and dedication together with the range of services on offer.  How well they are designed to provide complete gratification is an important element to count on. They should attend the customers’ five basic senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision. Soothing solutions come to cater to the needs in the form of:

  • Healing touch
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Aromatic and healthy cuisine
  • Soft music
  • Vision friendly lighting plans

5 Ruling trends in medical spas

Female nutritionist measuring waist of patient by tape indoors in the office.

  • Nutritional advice: It covers offering professional guidance on healthy and long term eating plans.
  • Custom massaging: The standard hot stone massage is not enough. It should address lifestyle related issues.
  • Non invasive treatments:
    Customers look for non invasive treatments avoiding complicated surgeries so that their bodies are subject to minimal cut and stitch procedures.
  • Spa parties: This calls for a group session where the entire group can be trained while interacting with each other and with the trainer. It really proves beneficial.
  • More treatment for men: There is a rising preference among men to perceive spas and wellness services as a benevolent route to keep fit and healthy.

Given the growing trend to remain fit and young forever, the growth curve of medi-spas is likely to see a continuous upward move for quite some time fuelling the expansion of wellness tourism. It is up to the nations to pick up the cue and come up with out-of-the-box products to draw the attention of the global wellness seekers.

Understanding health benefits of a medical spa

Medical spas are the best escapades to relax, take care of you and discover the beautiful side of our life away from the burden and pressures of life. They treat a wide range of things; from skin resurfacing to determine the cause of pain and physical difficulty of patients. They reduce stress and improve our health and concentration. Read this article to know more about the treatment and relaxation offered at medical spas.

The global medical spa market valued US $ 11.1 billion in 2017 is projected to touch US$ 27.6 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 12.2% within the period. Growing awareness of wellness has triggered the growth of medical spas, a specialized niche of spa treatments. Wellness resort design should include medi-spa infrastructure for boosting business.

Treatments offered in medical spas

Closeup of localized cryotherapy session to the neck of young woman. Ice cold nitrogen vapors applied to neck

However, modern day spas provide a number of modified treatments like anti-wrinkle injections, Botox, chemical peels and laser treatments including breast implant operations, chin, face and eyelid lifts and also tummy tucks performed by health professionals.

The Botox injections, facial rejuvenation and laser treatments provided at a medical spa are a perfect alternative to the painful and abrasive plastic surgeries and face-lifts. The recovery time for the treatment at the spas is very less.

Unlike the traditional surgeries, the medical spas are a more natural way to the healing procedures. With whatever treatment you choose you will find yourself with a better outlook towards life, health and appearance.

Only skilled and licensed professionals handle the customers at such medical spas. However, you should do adequate research about the facilities as to whether they are properly maintained and are clean up to the code. Above all, you should always visit a licensed spa. The personnel at the spa should be helpful and attentive towards you. You can avail such information through the online internet reviews or by asking people who have already been to a particular spa about their experience.

Reasons to opt for medical spas

Most of the people think that medical spa is only for body massaging and relaxing, but they are actually far away from the reality. Medical spa offers a variety of treatments related to skin, along with various other beauty treatments.

There are many medical treatment packages for body massage, body waxing, facials, and many other beauty treatments. Medical spa is just like visiting a doctor every month for your medical checkup. It protects both body as well as your skin. Here we present you the useful information regarding medical spa.

What to expect

Permanent hair removal at beautician's with laser therapy

Medical spas provide you the most relaxing atmosphere. There are a few similarities between a day spa and medical spa, although there is a big difference between them. The highly specialized doctors and surgeons conduct medical spa, as it also includes cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments, while on the other hand, therapists are qualified to do day spas only.The relaxing environment works wonders for your mental health as it is different from the stressed ambience in a typical doctor’s office crowded with patients.

Medical spas offer huge variety of skin treatments, such as laser skin surfacing, skin tightening and skin recovering, which gives you the ever glowing and blushing skin. It also helps improving damaged skin and recovering tanning of arms, neck, legs and other parts of the body. Medical spa helps curing many skin diseases and makes your skin healthy.

Medical spa is safe and effective, as it operates under the supervision of the best doctors and surgeons who know well about your skin even more than you do. They will help you in getting the best treatment for your skin, which will be highly beneficial in recovering your skin.

Medical spa is a medical clinic that provides several facilities for your body and skin. It not only gives your mental peace and inner satisfaction but also provides you the best skin care. With maximum benefits and comfort, it is the best place to relieve your stress. If you are searching for the best skin care, medical spa is the way to go.

Very often people think that spas are very expensive and out of their budget and they just cannot afford it. However, spas not that much costly and anyone can afford it. You can also make it affordable by choosing the package within your budget and enjoy your medical spa.

With its long lasting effects, medical spa is one of the healthier spas for body, mind and skin. Slowly and steadily, medical spa is becoming the future of spa industry.

Reasons you should visit a medical spa

People visit medical spas for self-reboot. Feeling low? Your skin losing the desired sheen? Overwhelmed with acne flares? Aging signs are getting prominent? The reasons are good enough to fix an appointment with a reputed and licensed medical spa.

Advanced anti-ageing and skin treatments

Beautician doing led light therapy to woman in SPA salon

Medical spas offer huge variety of skin treatments, such as laser skin surfacing, skin tightening and skin recovering, which gives you the ever glowing and blushing skin. It also helps improving damaged skin and recovering tanning of arms, neck, legs and other parts of the body. Medical spa helps curing many skin diseases and makes your skin healthy.

Safe, effective and non-invasive treatments

Medical spa is safe and effective, as it operates under the supervision of the best doctors and surgeons who know well about your skin even more than you do. They will help you in getting the best treatment for your skin, which will be highly beneficial in recovering your skin.

Relieves stress and helps in develop a positive mindset

Young beautiful woman and s

Medical spa is a medical clinic that provides several facilities for your body and skin. It not only gives your mental peace and inner satisfaction but also provides you the best skin care. With maximum benefits and comfort, it is the best place to relieve your stress. If you are searching for the best skin care and rejuvenating treatments, medical spa is the way to go.

Self-reboot within a budget

Very often people think that spas are very expensive and out of their budget and they just cannot afford it. However, spas not that much costly and anyone can afford it. You can also make it affordable by choosing the package within your budget and enjoy your medical spa.

Access to hi-tech rejuvenating programs

DNA test

Medical spas are growing in popularity for tech-driven sophisticated cosmetic and rejuvenating programs that not only help in reshaping your appearance but also gives you an understanding of your health conditions. You can avail tailor-made personalized health and wellness programs based on your DNA tests.

Reduce symptoms of existing health conditions

Medical spa offerings extend beyond anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments. Many spas have in-house certified practitioners of alternative therapies whose guidance may help reduce symptoms of arthritis, joint pains, sleep disorders, heart problems and previous injuries.

Consultations for preventative treatments

Cosmetology. Beautiful Young Healthy Caucasian Woman Patient Having Consultation With Cosmetician In Medical Clinic

Increased awareness in building resilience against diseases has driven people towards preventative treatments. You can avail professional consultations in medical spas that help in the early detection of imbalances and symptoms making you proactive in self healthcare.

Embark on a wellness lifestyle

The health benefits of medical spas could be realized best when integrated with wellness resorts. Wellness travelers seeking rejuvenating therapies are drawn towards medical spas in resorts along with spending a relaxing vacation full of activities that trigger your wellbeing.

Yearning to preserve youthfulness and appearance would remain forever. The growth of medical spas could be attributed to remarkable tech-driven advancements in anti-aging and rejuvenating therapies that give a chiseled flawless appearance. Furthermore, by integrating a host of health and wellness programs, medical spas have become the go-to destination where individuals get an opportunity to know and explore wellness lifestyle to lead quality life with high self-esteem.

Best Tips to choose the right Medi Spa

Woman looking for customer service on cellphone with the best five star rating, wooden table blurred background

Before visiting a Medi Spa, here is the check list that you need to follow to have a great experience:

  • Are the treatments offered supervised by a board-certified therapist or plastic surgeon?
  • What are the offerings of the Medi Spa? If it is a long list, do a cross check of the quality.
  • Take a short tour of the Medi Spa before booking a service. Check the ambience, arrangements, and hygiene.
  • Check the background and experience of the cosmetic surgeons.
  • Ask for before and after pics of any client who have benefitted from the treatments offered in the Medi Spa.
  • How much involved is the supervising surgeon? Is it for the entire operation hours of the Medi Spa or just a few hours?
  • Does the Medi Spa offer proven treatments?
  • What is the level of personalization while offering treatments?
  • Do the Medi Spa offer a follow up analysis after the treatment?
  • Find out who selects the anti-aging products and what is the base for a particular selection.
  • Check client reviews and testimonials.

Medical Spa Destinations in Europe and the world

A calm woman enjoying hydromassage, vibromassage and anti-cellulite treatment

Over time, our bodies tend to give in to the wear and tear of life. The running around, the goals and the tight schedules make everything feel slow and tiring. This is exactly when trips to a spa vacation spot anywhere across the European continent or even somewhere across the globe, could be a good pick. These top Medical spa destinations in Europe and spa hotels offer a refreshing break from the packed routines of daily life. In fact, the top European spa destinations as well as global spots in this niche, have built their tourism models around well being and relaxation for tourists.

Europe stands as the spa capital of the world despite countries in Asia started gaining worldwide prominence with their spas and wellness retreats. Today, the continent is home to some of the most sought after spas in the world, including the top spas mentioned hereunder.

Medical Spa Destinations in Europe and the world

The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

Image Source : thechediandermatt.com

An idyllic hub for spa vacation enthusiast, the Chedi Andermatt boundaries with the Swiss Alps and located (almost hidden) away in the center of Andermatt, in the Urseren valley. It takes a train ride over a couple of hours from Zurich to reach here. If you are looking for top-notch spa service topped with calm and serenity, this is a must-visit place for you. The charm of the place is the architecture designed under the wings of Jean-Michael Gathy. There is a ski-in living space clubbed with a full-fledged spa, wellness center, swimming pools and a functional sports boutique. You will find a hydrothermal bath facility too!

Hideaway, Germany

Hideaway, Germany

Image Source : hideaways-hotels.com

Located in Elmau about 90 minutes from Munich, the Hideaway Spa lies in the shadow of Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze. The spa gives equal importance to both the body and mind, and offers a slew of treatments and activities for guests, including biking, hiking, golf, skiing, yoga, tai chi, music concerts and lectures. It houses a concert hall, two libraries, four spas, six restaurants and the world’s biggest hotel bookshop. Signature treatments offered at the spa include the Schloss Elmau Special Blend that utilizes warm oil and hot stones for the body massage.

Schloss Elmau, Germany

Schloss Elmau, Germany

Image Source : www.schloss-elmau.de

Perched high on the Alps of Bavaria, Schloss Elmau has a number of spas catering to varied spa tourist needs! The spa spot is located between Wittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Heated outdoor pools,hiking trails, biking opportunities around, there isn’t much that says boring at this destination. The Individual spa treatments for guests are all personalized for a depthy feel. The scenic views of the hills and the meadows more than add to the relaxation experience at the Schloss Elmau.

Viva Mayr and F.X. Mayr & More, Austria

Viva Mayr and F.X. Mayr & More, Austria

Image Source : vivamayr.com

Located along the banks of Lake Worth in Klagenfurt, Austria, these independently run clinics are very popular detox centers that focus on healing the digestive system. Following the teachings of Franz Xaver Mayr M.D., these clinics help guests start their day with Epsom salts followed by meals constituting dry rusks and broth. Guests would need to chew the food at least 40 times before swallowing it. The treatments last for seven days. While F.X. Mayr & More was launched in 1976 and resembles an Austrian chalet, Viva Mayr was launched in 2005 and is more modernized in its appearance.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Image Source : resortragaz.ch

Located in one of eastern Switzerland’s greenest valleys, Resort Ragaz recently underwent a $200 million renovation to become one of the most sought-after hotel spas in the world. The resort houses two of the most luxurious hotel suites in Europe in addition to other amenities, including a health centers, a thermal areas and a golf course. The spas at Resort Ragaz offer a range of treatments for guests, including sleep repair, stress management, weight loss therapies, anti aging programs, body massages, body wraps, sauna, scrub, steam bath, whirlpool and several other beauty treatments.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Image Source : shawellnessclinic.com

Located in Alicante, the SHA Wellness Clinic is dedicated to wellness, antiaging and an efficient macrobiotic diet. Located in the Sierra Helada National Park, the clinic offers spectacular views of the coastline from its rooftop pool. The programs offered at SHA are personalized, as each guest would need to talk to an agenda coordinator, doctor and a macrobiotic consultant who would then prescribe an appropriate program. The resort offers a range of spa treatments and programs, including body massages, gentle yoga, colonics, reflexology, facial and body laser treatments, dentistry, acupuncture, cosmetic procedures and sleep therapies, etc. The clinic also makes sure it serves the best food in the region. The signature 14-day rejuvenation program offered by the resort would definitely help individuals relax and forget their worries for the duration of their stay here.

JW Marriott , Venice

JW Marriott , Venice

Image Source : marriott.com

If private islands are your thing, then the Isola dellaRosse will not disappoint you. A stone’s throw away from Saint Marks’s Square, the island houses JW Marriott Hotel and Spa with amazing views of the Venice skyline, the spa facilities are world class. The top features of the spa service at Marriott, Venice are bio sauna, gym, sauna, yoga programs, hammam and an idyllic deck.

Europe is slowly regaining its stance as one of the foremost destinations in the world for wellness tourism. These five spas have slowly risen to become the masters of their trade today. These places have put Europe back on the wellness tourism map for sure.

Besides these, in the niche of luxury spa destinations, there are spa hotels around the world that are must-visit picks. Let us have a look at it.

Luxury spa destinations

Pleased serene female patient smiling during the balneological procedure performed by a qualified spa therapist

The spa industry sector is without doubt the most vital part of the health and wellness tourism. Many spa resorts and venues across the globe that provide tailor made wellness programs for the people on the hunt for the health and wellness travel experiences. The last decade has been an enormous increase in the number of tourists worldwide who are visiting spas for relaxation and treatments. Most spa facilities across the globe are providing their visitors with a full range of rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments.

Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta

Image Source : rancholapuerta.com

Food is center of this Spanish-colonial spa spread over 3,000 acres in the foothills of Mount Kuchumaa, where a new open kitchen is set on the property’s farm. It offers a rooftop relaxation area, sauna and steam baths.

Ranch at Live Oak Malibu

Ranch at Live Oak Malibu

Image Source : theranchmalibu.com

This is a luxury retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains is focused on exercise, nutrition and a tech disconnected from daily life. It offers ten hours of daily exercise, hiking, long stay in the lap of nature, regiment of yoga, stretching and toning. In addition to this, also provide restorative massage before going to bed, organic and vegan food. Caffeine, alcohol and processed sugars are unavailable.

Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa

Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa

Image Source : miravalresorts.com

Arizona has a handful of wellness – oriented desert retreats, Miraval Resort, and spas stand out for an all-inclusive nightly rate, which includes some spa treatments and activities. This resort is renowned for different and quality spas, where you can have a quality time.

The Body Holiday, LeSport

The Body Holiday, LeSport

Image Source : thebodyholiday.com

All comprehensive and upscale Body Holiday LeSport, on the northern trip of St. Lucia, offers a modified combine of healing or curative health and wellness activities in the tropical island setting with gourmet dining. It includes Oasis spa treatment or therapies, lessons ranging from tennis, golf, scuba diving, sailing and archery.

Ananda Spa, India

Ananda Spa, India

Image Source : anandaspa.com

India is one of the best spa tourism destinations in the world and Ananda Spa is the best spa hotel in the country. Located at a short distance from Rishikesh, which is the birthplace of yoga, Ananda is an ultimate destination for a complete reset. Situated at the banks of river Ganga, it offers traditional therapies, all types of spas and yoga and meditation classes.

Spa vacation is particularly attractive one and as a spa tourist, you need to select a perfect resort or hotel for your spa vacations. A spa holiday allows you to improve and maintain your spiritual awareness, heals emotional distress, rid the body of toxins, and improves blood circulation.

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