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6 Tips to reverse skin damage

If you want your skin to glow with all its pulchritude, intensive care is a must. Stepping out in the sun without any protection is inevitable. You can’t risk yourself to the harsh rays of the sun. It not only damages the skin but also adds to pigmentation and tanning. Managing a glossy and flawless skin is a though task. But it’s not impossible.

You can woo the onlookers at one glance and be a treat for the eyes by following these 6 tips mentioned below, which would help you reverse the skin damage:

1. Cleansing and exfoliating the skin

Cleansing the skin daily should be in your to do list. It is very essential as dirt and pollution settles down in the pores of the skin, thus making the skin losing its shine. So, you need to cleanse the skin with a gentle cleaner. Further, exfoliating the skin with a scrub will do the rest for the skin. Since, exfoliating removes the dead cells present on the outermost layer of the skin, it is advisable to do scrubbing at least twice a week.

2. Use a sunscreen

This is the most common advice which any beauty expert would give you. Sunscreen acts as an umbrella for the skin. Applying it every day before you move out in the sun helps to protect you from the harmful ultra violet rays. This further reduces your chances of getting skin cancer. It also helps the skin to get repaired and reversed faster. The SPF of the sunscreen that you wear should be at least 15. You can better consult a dermatologist and know about the sun protection factor which you should be using. Remember, the SPF comes according to the skin type. Now make it a habit to apply sunscreen religiously.

3. Guzzle plenty of water

The human body constitutes mainly water, and it’s our responsibility to maintain proper balance of it. Drinking plenty of water every day clears all the impurities from the body and makes the skin shimmer like gold. The other benefit of drinking water is that it moisturizes the skin from within and hydrates well. It also stimulates the production of collagen which does the work of glorifying the skin.

4. Use a skin lightener

In order to remove those dark brown spots on the skin, you need to bleach it using a skin lightener. Remember that the skin lightener which you use should contain kojic acid, steroid cream and hydroquinone. Moreover, it should be rich in vitamin A which would definitely help in removing the blotchy discoloration caused by the sun. You can also make the skin lightening cream at home with the help of natural and chemical free products. All you need to do is to mix equal proportion of lemon juice and egg’s white part. Once the mixing is done, heat the mixture in a pan till it turns semi solid. Then allow it to cool in a refrigerator. At last apply it on the face and see the results.

5. Always drink green tea

Green tea has numerous beauty benefits. Drinking green tea neutralizes the toxic by product created in the skin when exposed to the sun. Green tea is rich in vitamin c which is very good for the skin. It also has anti inflammatory effect and very good anti oxidant. Remember, only trying topical green tea would do the magic, rest is all the same. So, make it a habit that you drink only green tea and minimal usage of other tea.

6. Consult a dermatologist

For every problem there is a doctor available. You can freely talk to your dermatologist about your skin repair. Ask him to prescribe something which is rich in vitamin A like tretinoin. This increases the blood flow to the skin and slough off skin cells.

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