A Guide to Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy in Wellness Resorts and Wellness Spas- Definition, Purpose, Benefits, Kinds of Therapy and What to expect

Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy in Wellness

Crystal healing and Gemstone therapy are non-invasive alternative modes of healing borrowed from ancient practices and texts. Possessing precious and semi-precious stones is known to have immense benefits on overall wellbeing. It is even more fascinating to study how crystals and gemstones have become integral in various wellness resort programs.

Crystals and gemstones come in attractive colors, shapes, and features. Different types of cuts, faces, transparency, and opacity add special value to crystals and gemstones so much that many look upon these as powerful tools that can drive away negative energies and improve the quality of life.

If you are interested in attractive crystals and believe in their healing potential or plan to introduce crystal healing and gemstone therapy in your wellness resort programs, this wellness therapy guide will be beneficial for you.

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A Guide to Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy in Wellness Resorts and Wellness Spas- Definition, Purpose, Benefits, Kinds of Therapy and What to expect

The Philosophy of Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy 

Chakra balancing concept

Crystal healing and Gemstone therapy are based on energy channelizing and Chakra balancing concept. This means crystals have inherent energy which can be properly directed or aligned to remove energy blockages in our body and drive away negative energies for a healthy body and mind.

Our body has 7 energy systems in the form of a wheel or ‘Chakra’. Any disturbance or blockage in the Chakra system is responsible for mental and physical disorders. According to practitioners, Chakra Balancing is essential to run our system in a perfect manner. Crystal Healing and Gemstone therapy is aimed at Chakra Balancing.

Vibrational Medicine

A close up image of seven chakra healing crystals charging on a selenite wand.

According to experts, the vibrational energy of crystals has the potential to alter the human body’s vibrational energy making it match with that of crystals thus facilitating healing.

Chiropractors explain, crystals have the potential to sustain the high energy scale associated with love, clarity, and hope and repel the low energy activities like hate, rage, anger, jealousy, and despair.

Practitioners and adherents have strong faith in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones but there is no scientific evidence to back up this concept. It is a pseudoscientific approach to tapping people’s mental orientation and beliefs toward a certain philosophy.

The said beneficial impact of Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy is mainly due to the placebo effect.

Healing Modalities in Crystal Therapy and Gemstone Therapy 

Woman meditating with crystals in lotus position at home. Quartz crystals chakra wands in female hands.

  • Wearing crystals and gemstones as a form of jewelry.
  • Using crystal powder for different purposes.
  • Meditation with crystals
  • Placing crystals on different parts of the body.
  • Consuming gemstone decoctions
  • Carrying crystals as mental solace.

Why Crystal Healing is popular?

Female crystal healing therapist meditating, manifesting abundance with white selenite crystal. Energy work

When your mind does not get satisfying answers to problems caused by reasons unknown, it leans towards metaphysical approaches. That’s the reason you will find tarot reading, thought reading, numerology, and astrology to accompany crystal healing and gemstone healing.

Therefore, it is not unlikely to see Crystal Healing programs in wellness retreats in India and the world bundled with Tarot reading, numerology, astrology, and other mind-body and spiritual wellness programs. The upper middle and affluent class who have adequate resources generally go for crystal healing and gemstone therapy. 

·       Celebrity endorsements

Guardian in 2018 reported a 40% surge in searches related to crystal healing. Fueled by celebrities and a new age resurgence in the fashion industry, people seem to be getting more obsessed with crystals.

#crystals and #healingcrystals trended in Instagram with tens of millions of posts.It seems “the great crystal boom” is real as people are going for crystals for every big and small reason or occasion.

·       Unprecedented stress and anxiety

Young African man touching head with hands and keeping eyes closed while sitting on the sofa at home

Given the unprecedented rise in stress and anxieties, people are going back to their ancestral practices of possessing gemstones and crystals to bring good health, luck, and abundance. Users are tapping the philosophy “belief is all, you believe it and you have it’.

·       Assigning an arbitrary meaning

Attractive things must have some great innate qualities. This is the main belief that works behind the growing popularity of crystals and gemstones. It is the human nature to ascribe some good meaning to anything that is appealing, and crystals have myriad appealing factors.

·       Getting more of the feel-good thing

Young beautiful girl with long dreadlocks holds in hands 5 natural stones rose quarz, rhinestone, angelite, anyolite, and azurite outdoors during morning, mineralogy concept

Beliefs passed down for generations often provide solace in distressing times. People unable to get rid of their daily life issues that are most unlikely to be medical, tend to depend on crystals and gemstones for betterment. Moreover, possessing an attractive objective and flaunting it makes you feel good mentally. 

Crystals and Gemstones – What is the difference?

Woman hand sowing all seven color chakra crystal stones. Chakra energy flow healer concept.

Crystals are specific solid formations with definite atoms, molecules, and ions arranged in a particular order with varying degrees of opacity and transparency. Gemstones are formed organically from earth minerals and organic compounds. These are mined from specific regions.

Gemstones are rare and therefore pricey objects. The brilliant transparency and shine of gemstones can be attributed to the expertise that goes into cutting and polishing thus making them very expensive.

Crystals can also be defined as objects with well-defined shapes. Gems have a mineral or organic base that imparts a special color. It is the rarity that makes gems so precious. Gems can also be called crystals but crystals are not gems.

Crystals of different colors, opacity, sizes and shapes are found abundantly and their varieties have attracted human beings for ages. The striking point is different gems and crystals exhibit different properties. 

Crystal Healing, an alternative form of Energy Healing 

Energy healing involves the activation of body’s inherent energy system by removing blockages in the system and redirecting the right flowpath needed for a balanced mind-body synchronization.

Crystals with their ionic formation are known to possess certain energy frequencies and therefore are often used as reinforcement by Energy medicine practitioners. Practitioners of Reiki and reflexology and massage therapists may include Crystal healing as per the client’s demands and needs.

However, practitioners never recommend Crystal healing or Gemstone therapy as a substitute for conventional treatments or medication. 

Evolution of the New Age Crystal Healing

Young woman at crystal healing session in therapy room

Recently, a video featuring moldavite went viral among the young generation and it clocked 47.3 million views. The video professed the powers of this crystal that hooked this generation. This is just a small example of the larger New Age Movement of psychic healing and astrology.

Pew Research Center says, 42% of Americans believed in the power of crystals to harness spiritual energy. The younger generation is leaving traditional religions with more focus on personal spiritualism without worshipping any God or beliefs. These are the recent evolutions in the Western world where crystals are highly sought-after as the medium of spiritual expression.

Crystal healing has been around for thousands of years but was not much talked about. While spiritualism is a major factor in the popularity of crystals and gemstone healing, it is the aesthetic value of minerals that makes it more attractive. True, that holding a crystal or taking part in Crystal Therapy cannot change your life, but a daily ritual with it can improve the coping mechanism in troubled times. 

Common Crystals and Gemstones and Their Benefits

Our earth is abundant with precious and semi-precious crystals and gemstones, but not all are counted for healing purposes. Here we present you a list of commonly used crystals and gemstones and their said healing potential.

Crystals and gemstones are known to boost mood and energy, release blocked energy, and bring mental and physical stability through energy cleansing. 

Clear Quartz

A hand holding up a beautiful quartz crystal outdoors in the sun

It is known to be the ‘Super Healer’ and is believed to support the human energy system and improves concentration and memory. This stone is often combined with Rose quartz and other crystals for more enhancements in physical and emotional health.


It is the nurturer known to support us in distressed times. It is believed to:

  • Power our spirit
  • Protect us from negative vibes.
  • Promote thinking, courage, and confidence.
  • Support us in tackling difficult issues. 


Three black stones black quartz crystal, black tourmaline crystal and black obsidian mirror

This is popular as the Protective Stone that shields us against all sorts of negative energy. It is said to:

  • process our emotions and help in letting go.
  • Get rid of emotional turmoil.
  • Improve clarity, compassion, and emotional strength.
  • Realize the true self value.
  • Face negative emotional experiences without getting drowned in it.


It is known to support healing, cleansing, and boost willpower. It is highly regarded in the spiritual circle. It is known to:


Heliotrope (bloodstone) gemstone isolated on white

This is known as the calming and grounding stone. It is said to have the following benefits:

  • Increase courage and motivation
  • Boost creative energy
  • Builds endurance and physical strength
  • Remove obstacles from achieving goals.

Crystals for wealth 

Turquoise crystals

  • Tiger’s eyeboosts confidence and motivation
  • Citrine improves focus, enthusiasm, and creativity
  • Turquoise is known to attract good luck.
  • Sapphire is known to bring prosperity.
  • Jade also brings prosperity and good luck

Crystals for Love 

Rose Quartz

This pink colored stone is known as the stone of love.

It is believed to:

  • Promote love, trust, and harmony in relationships.
  • Support connection.
  • Provide calmness in times of grief and distress.
  • Encourage self-respect and self-worth. 



It is believed to drive emotional stability, and is the master healer for women. It is known to:

  • Soothe stress.
  • Stabilise emotions.
  • Instill calm and mental peace.
  • Enhance intuition and inspiration.
  • Bring fortune in love and business.
  • Promote spirituality.
  • Help in menstrual problems and treating obesity.
  • Reduce aggressiveness and impulsive actions.
  • Build strength to fight problems.


It is known as the ‘King of Gems’. Its benefits are likely to be the following:

  • Protects your heart.
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Helps in building professional excellence and goodwill
  • Enhances marital relationships.
  • Builds self-awareness
  • Improves decision-making abilities.

Crystal Healing for Mental Wellness and Rehabilitation

healing or oracle foretelling, candles, runes and healing stones

Various scientific studies have shown crystals have no impact on mental wellness and rehabilitation. It is the user’s faith and belief  and the combination of proven treatments that play an important role in the healing experience.

Extensive psychology-based research demonstrates the powerful influence of a person’s mindset in experiencing a positive experience from any treatment. If a person believes he/she will get a positive impact from a treatment, it will be effective.

That being said, if a belief generates a positive psychological response, that should not cause any harm. However, people wear crystals and gemstones after checking with an astrologer. Wearing crystals in the form of jewelry or getting pampered in a crystal spa does elicit a positive emotional response, a feel-good factor that contributes to our wellbeing.

As a noted psychologist says, the power of crystals is in the mind of the user not in the crystals.

But a word of caution, wearing crystals should not turn into an unhealthy obsession where a person might refuse to get the required treatment if clinical symptoms demand such.

Powering the Crystal in Crystal Healing

To get the best of the healing potential of crystals, you need to charge or power them periodically. The normal belief is that crystals absorb the ‘bad energy’ or ‘negative energy’ from you to protect you from the bad effects.

Therefore, crystals also need periodic energization or charging sessions just as you energize by getting a sound sleep.

There are many ways to charge crystals and gemstones. An experienced practitioner only knows the best way to charge as they are more likely to have an intimacy with crystals and gemstones. They know which crystals gain the maximum healing potential in which medium.

The common ways to charge a crystal are listed below:

  • Exposing crystals in full moon.
  • Soaking crystals in moon water. There are ways to create moon water.
  • Charging crystals with sound bath
  • Burying crystals in the earth.
  • Exposing crystals to burning incense or herbs.
  • Use breathing to charge crystals.
  • Immerse crystals in sea salt.
  • Connect with spiritual guides
  • Visual cleansing

Charging or cleansing crystals should be done by recognized practitioners. They will also guide you about how frequently this procedure is needed.

Given the rising popularity of Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy, it is obvious that these will become a part of wellness resort programs. Curating Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy programs is finding importance in wellness resort consultancy services. However, the entire experience in Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapies will depend a lot on the wellness resort services. The ingredients, ambience, staff participation all have a subtle role to offer the awesome feeling to guests.

Let us check what top wellness resorts in the world are offering:

Gemstone Massage

Gemstone Massage

Gemstones are known to be highly vibrational crystal formations. If applied properly, gemstone massage therapy can help in healing several physical and mental issues.

Gemstones of specific types and sizes are placed on different parts of the body and massaged over the skin with gentle strokes. Other than stones, gemstone wands, rollers, or gemstone-infused oils are also used for massage.

Your therapist may ask you some questions before the massage like why you are interested in gemstone massage, what are your problems, and what you expect. You may also have to disclose your existing medical conditions if any. Based on your answers, the therapist will select gemstones and do the massage.

Gemstone Facials

Facials with gemstones involve part facial and part massage. This may be combined with facial cupping and acupressure. You will have to lie on your back and gemstones will be placed on specific meridians or chakras of your face to restore the balance.

Prior to the facial, gemstones will be energized through various procedures like exposing them to moonlight. Facials are aimed at lymphatic drainage to drive out toxins from your body. Lotions, serums, and creams may be applied over your face as a part of the facial massage. Gem rollers or wands are also used for gentle massage. Different gemstones can help in healing skin inflammation, rosacea, aging signs, and wrinkles.

Crystal Massage 

Crystal Massage 

Massaging with crystals in a highly-vibrational state is known to restore the energy balance and reduce chronic stress and pain. You will be asked to lie down on a special bed which could be a crystal massage bed or Jade massage bed.

The therapist will use selected crystals based on your condition and requirements. Rose quartz is mostly used for massage as it is known to emit vibrations of love and compassion. The massage will be accompanied by certain rituals with sage, aromatic candles, or salt lamps to generate the vibe. Massage rollers and crystal wands are often used in the procedures.

Gemstone Scrub

Finely ground gemstones are used in creating exfoliating scrubs to combine energy healing along with the beauty treatment. Wellness resort programs include innovative signature scrubs using minerals, gemstones, gold dust, and other ingredients for a targeted outcome.

The procedure is usually similar to body scrubs in wellness spas. The therapist may apply gemstone infused scrubs or use specific sized gemstones to scrub your specific body parts. A lot of variations can be made with the ingredients tailormade to the client’s needs and disposition. 

Crystal Facials

Relaxed brunette lying on mat with stones

A set of charged crystals (a specific kind) or wands are normally used during a crystal facial. It starts with applying oil over the face followed by a gentle massage to remove toxins and signs of stress. Steaming sessions and mud applications are also done if needed.

Rose Quartz, citrine, and amethyst crystals known for their strong healing and balancing power are placed over specific points of the face to enhance vitality. The facial is likely to end with applying a serum and specific deep breathing exercises to calm the mind for better impact of the facial. 

Crystal Bath Therapy

Adding crystals in your bathing water can surprise you with total mind-body relaxation. You take crystal baths with an intention; often it is termed as ‘Intentional Bath’. Crystal Bath Therapy is often included in curated wellness resort programs to enhance your relaxation efforts. Specific crystals, especially Rose Quartz, are immersed in the bath water for about 30 minutes.

It is believed that energy emitted from the crystals after soaked in water can energize your mind and body. Essential oils can be added in the bath water to get the energy spike for lifting your mood.

A great ambience with aromatic candles and soothing lighting adds to the healing experience. You can relax in the tub for 15-20 minutes just as you do at home. If you need to energize more, you can program your bath water to high frequency vibrations and add crystals into it.

The therapist may additionally place crystals or gemstones on different areas of the body like chest, neck, or belly while you remain in the bathwater. He may also add a cup of Himalayan Salt or Epsom Salt in the water for better absorption to reduce aches and pains and enhance smoothness of your skin. Such experiences add to the quality of wellness resort services. 

Gemstone Tincture Therapy

Gemstone Tincture Therapy

Gemstone tinctures, found mainly in Hinduism practices, are prepared just like herbal tinctures where gems are soaked in 50-100% alcohol solution for a specific period of time. The time period, weight of the stone, and the solution strength vary with each stone.

Wellness resort services must ensure that these therapies are applied with strict adherence to the traditional practices and principles. Resorts should hire recognized practitioners to take care of the end-to-end experience.

For example, to prepare diamond or sapphire tincture, the stone with a specific weight (measured in Rati) is soaked for one month completing a full moon cycle. Stones like pearls and corals extracted organically are soaked in weaker solutions and for a shorter time period. The client is prescribed to ingest a few drops of gemstone tincture daily or alternate days of the week.

Gemstone Ash Therapy

Another type of gemstone therapy widely practiced in Hinduism is with gemstone ash. Precious gems are burned to ash through special ayurvedic treatments to remove harmful elements.

The gems are crushed and burned through 6 long processes to get the ash. The ash is consumed alone or in combination with some herbs. Gem ash is known to provide quicker healing and is more expensive than tinctures.

Crystal Detox

Husband Texting On Mobile Phone Lying With Wife In Bedroom

A twist on crystal healing experience is the restorative detox aimed at reversing the harmful exposure to digital devices. A Crystal Detox might start with a short crystal bath using crystals that have the power of absorbing radiations emitted by digital devices.

The crystals slow down the free radical formation and is known to eliminate them from the body. It is not a full body massage but a targeted therapy. The therapist will target the neck, hands, shoulder, forearms, and also the scalp that are most exposed to digital gadgets. 

Wellness Resort Designing for Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy

Crystal therapy

To match the perceived healing potential of crystals, wellness resorts and wellness spas need to be designed accordingly. Let us not forget that crystal healing aims for Chakra Balancing or Energy Balancing. Wellness resort consultants advise a great ambience for multilayer sensory stimulation to enhance the wellbeing of guests.

Soothing ambience with proper lighting and acoustic management is a must.  Crystal studded interiors in wellness resorts and spas will leave you awestruck. Your resort should have provisions for aromatherapy, sound therapy, sauna, baths, and mind-body programs to complement healing with crystals.

Spatial arrangement with comfortable beds, mattresses, couches, and sitting or relaxing areas should be well taken care of. All these are meant to give a fulfilling relaxing experience to load the mind and body with positive energy.

Decoration with crystals and gemstones has no limits. It can be crystal lamps in rooms, crystal beads or special crystal settings in high-touch surfaces. The amazing shine and glitter through proper placement of crystals generate positive emotions and can improve the client’s wellbeing by several notches, it lingers. 

Therapists for Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy

Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy in Wellness Resorts and Wellness Spas

Qualified and experienced astrologers are the best persons to advocate gemstone therapy. You should check their background before selecting anybody for gemstone therapy.

Crystal healing is offered as a complementary therapy by many energy medicine practitioners. Psychic Healers and Tarot Card Readers also practice Crystal Healing in many wellness resorts in the world.

Crystal healing always does not need a qualified hand. You can start crystal healing at your home with a few specific crystals. However, mind-body coaches and energy medicine practitioners can guide you better to make the right choices. 

What to expect from Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy programs in wellness resorts and spas? 

Female crystal healing therapist holding natural obsidian black and selenite white polished crystal wands. Chakra healing treatment with crystals.

Crystal healing in wellness resort programs is likely to be combined with other mind-body programs or beauty treatments. The objective is to give guests a feeling of enhanced wellbeing with a holistic approach.

You can expect the following:

  • You can make your choice in crystal selection if you are used to it.
  • A Crystal healing practitioner or Psychic Healer will guide you about the right crystals and mode of therapies.
  • Beauticians and Spa therapists will assist you pick the suitable Crystal therapy.
  • A great relaxing ambience to facilitate the outcome of crystal healing.
  • Specific bathing and prayer rituals during the session of Crystal healing.
  • Crystal healing and Gemstone therapy programs can take 7-14-21 days based on your requirements.

Expected outcome:

  • You can feel a change in attitude towards life’s happenings.
  • You feel more grounded.
  • Enhanced acceptance
  • Better sense of wellbeing
  • Enhanced love for self.
  • Mental tranquility
  • Emotional balance

Crystal healing in wellness resorts are normally guided programs led by experienced practitioners and therapists. If you plan to take Crystal Healing or Gemstone Therapy or launch such wellness programs in your resort, make sure you have open conversations to have realistic expectations. This will not create any ambiguity regarding program outcome and value for money and guests will enjoy the experience building the trust and reputation of wellness resorts and spas.

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