Yoga before bed for a sound sleep

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is a very common disorder

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is a very common disorder found in modern people. Causes can be many, like the stress originating from multifarious things or owing to our body’s exposure to synthetic lights, pollution, and what not. Whatever may be the reason, the fact is that many people literally struggle to get a sound night sleep after a tiring day.


After a disturbed night sleep, next day you do not wake up fresh and you go down on energy for the entire day. It is very important to break this vicious cycle. Some people take resort of sleeping pills; but this option is not good owing to its side effects. A highly effective and safe way to cure insomnia is Yoga. Yes, just 15-minute yoga before you sleep can bring a sea change in your sleep pattern. Therefore, here are some points that can help you utilize yoga in your daily routine to get rid of sleeplessness.

What type of yoga you should do before you go to sleep:

Yoga to improve quality of sleep should involve a style that relaxes you. Yoga steps like deep breathing and slow movements are good; however, you should refrain from vigorous movements that will work against your sleep. You should practice these three yoga styles before bed:

Hatha yoga isa combination of simple breathing, basic postures, and meditation. It helps you stretch your body parts and relieves your stress.

Kripalu yoga is meditation and breathing to calm down and relax your mind.

Integral yoga aims to integrate your mind, body, and soul. It gives you fulfillment and mental peace, thus, you get a sound sleep.

How long you should practice yoga before bed:

A 15-minute workout is a time limit you should aim for, however, if you feel tired at ten minutes feel free to stop. On the other hand, if you are comfortable doing more than do it. The idea behind yoga before bed is to relax each part of your body, so that you could enjoy a sound sleep.

How many times a week you should do night yoga:

See yoga is an exercise to give you pleasure. Therefore, there is no such hard and fast rule; you can decide to do it every night or alternate night as per your convenience. Yoga is such a great thing, once you start enjoying it, you cannot stop yourself from doing it daily.


A body stretch is an extremely effective way to throw away all the tiredness from one’s body at the end of the day. A 15-minute yoga before bed is a perfect way to get rid of sleeplessness.

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