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Learn how to use pink salt for better health

use pink salt for better health

Salt not only adds taste to food, but is essential for good health. There are many types of salt, among which pink salt said to be one of the healthiest salts. It’s an ancient salt which is said to have amazing properties. Found at the bottom of the Himalayas in Myanmar, China, India and Nepal. The salt beds crystallized over time and were covered with lava approximately 2 million years ago. This allowed the salt to remain clean and fresh from any pollutants. Himalayan pink salt is considered to be the purest form of sea salt, and many claim it has wonderful medicinal properties, as it contains several important minerals. The minerals in pink salt work in tandem with sodium in the salt and prevent and treat many health issues. Here’s how to use pink salt for better health:

What is Himalayan salt

use pink salt for better health

A pinch of pink salt can help to improve your health. There seems to be many benefits of using Himalayan salt 2018. Pink salt is chemically quite similar to regular table salt. It contains approximately 98% sodium chloride. The rest 2% comprises of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. These minerals provide the light pink color to the salt. When you get to know how to use pink salt for better health, you’ll find that the salt tastes different from table salt. This is also due to the minerals which are in it.

How to use pink salt for better health

cooking special

You can use pink salt in the same way as you use common salt. Use it to season your food while cooking and in your salads. It can be used as a food preservative too. People use blocks of this salt as serving dishes, cutting boards and cooking surfaces. Himalayan salt can be used as bath salts and bask in the glow of candles and lamps made from blocks of the salt. The benefits of using Himalayan salt 2018 is said to be derived even while sitting in its light!

Use Himalayan salt to reduce weight and detoxify your body

weight lossThe Himalayan salt with its beautiful pink tint has about 80 minerals, as proven by science. Due to this, many people find it preferable to use it daily, to reduce weight as well as to reduce muscle pain with Himalayan salt.

The huge number of minerals in the salt provided nutrients to the body as well as the mind. If you’re trying to lose weight, using this salt can help to boost your weight loss. Even the slightest help is welcome when trying to shed some extra pounds, as we all know. And Himalayan salt can be a great help to those suffering from obesity.

How to extract salt sole

use pink salt for better healthSo how to use pink salt for better health and weight loss?

Due to our mostly sedentary lifestyles, most of us suffer from obesity or are weight loss. Unhealthy diets lead to fat accumulation on the body. To reduce the fat from the body, we have to exercise and follow a healthy diet. Along with this, you can take the help of the amazing pink salt for weight loss. To use Himalayan salt for detox and weightloss, you have to extract the salt sole.

Mineral salts in Himalayan salt give it its unique reddish pink color, and it is the essence of pink salt, the sole, is the part of the salt which is beneficial for weight loss. To make the salt sole, soak one handful of Himalayan pink salt granules overnight, in a large jug of water. Let the salt completely dissolve in the water. One of the ways how to use pink salt for better health is to use the salt sole one teaspoon at a time.

Why pink salt reduces weight

lose weightHimalayan salt for detox and weightloss benefits you by performing two important actions. Extra salt in your diet causes water retention within the cells of your body. The excess water makes your body look fat and swollen, and it’s the reason for cellulite too. What the Himalayan salt does is release the water from the cells.

Another extremely useful thing it does is, it decreases the craving for foods which are high in carbs and sugar! This seems to be a really effective tool to reduce unwanted weight, as well as to control the craving for high calorie food, which is the one of the reasons why you put on weight in the first place.

Methods how to use pink salt for better health and weight reduction

use pink salt for better health

  • Mix a teaspoon of the concentrated salt sole in one cup of water. Drink this on empty stomach every morning.
  • One more way how to use pink salt for better health, is to get a pink salt massage once in a while. It detoxifies the body by removing impurities and dead cells from the skin. The massage also improves blood circulation and circulation of healthy hormones in the body. This reduces puffiness, enhances body metabolism, improves digestion and calms your nerves. Just one massage has so many benefits, that everyone should get a pink salt massage!
  • One of the benefits of using Himalayan salt 2018 is to reduce muscle pain with Himalayan salt. You can use the salt as bath salt two times every week, to relieve muscle pain and sores on the body.
  • If you want to target a particular part of the body for fat build-up reduction, such as the thighs, hips and stomach, you can use salt sole compresses. Soak some elastic bandages in 5% solution of the salt sole (the water should be lukewarm). After wringing the extra water from the bandage, wrap it around your thigh etc and let it be there for about an hour.

Coupled with a healthy diet (less or no sugar and less of carbohydrates) and regular exercise, along with pink salt, you can reduce the extra fat in the body. Like everything else, limit your intake of pink salt for the best benefits, as more sodium use can lead to health problems.

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