Balancing the seven chakras through spa therapies

Spas are an important part of the wellness tourism industry. The new generations of working class people have realized the importance of physical fitness and overall wellness. They are now more interested in wellness tourism and different types of wellness treatments at the spa getaways. One of the most popular therapies offered at the spas is the seven chakras balancing treatment. This type of therapies helps in balancing the seven different chakras or ‘wheel’ of energies inside our body.


When the chakras are not properly balanced, we start feeling depressed and unhappy. Our bad mood and mental confusion reflects in every aspect of our life and everything begins to feel amiss. For perfect health and happiness, we must maintain a balance between the seven different chakras.

The chakras are nothing but vortex of light and energy. They are aligned in a same line through our body, starting 12 inch above our head and ending 6 inch below the feet. The chakras are affected by everything around our lifestyle and us. When they are negatively affected, they become imbalanced. Lack of balance between the chakras can affect your life negatively. When the alignment or balance among the seven chakras is disrupted in some way the life force or natural energy cannot flow through the body properly. We become stressed, burdened and start losing interest in life and work.


The balance of the chakras can get disrupted by personal problems or health hazards. The environment we live in also affects it adversely. The experts at the spas utilize different age-old techniques to bring back the balance between the chakras and restore them. Each of the chakra has a particular color and a set of functions. Despite of having different colors and different functions the chakras depend on each other for stability and strength.

The color and aura of each chakra influences the pituitary gland and promotes the secretion of different hormones. Ayurvedic therapies can bring back the balance between the chakras. Massage and herbs are used for balancing the chakras. The expert therapists touch the spine of the individual and move the fingers in circular motion along the spine touching the different chakras and opening them. Many people have acknowledged going through a physical as well as emotional change during this kind of treatment.


Chakra spa treatments help in realigning the seven chakras that every individual possesses. It can help in bringing back emotional stability and restores health.

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