Best spa hotels in Europe

Best spa hotels in Europe

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Europe is one amongst the seven continents of the world. Some of the most beautiful countries, such as Italy, France, Russia, Switzerland and many more, belong to this wonderful continent named Europe. Along with this, Europe is also famous for its superior and phenomenal spa hotels, which provides the ever-best services as compare to the North American spas. People from all over the world visit Europe every year on a very big scale in order to make their holidays worth enjoying and relaxing as well. Here is a list of best spa hotels in Europe.


Berkeley Hotel, London, UK is a deluxe hotel located in Knightsbridge, London. This 5-star hotel consists of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, free Wi-Fi and many facilities and superior services. It provides excellent spa services, such as massage, facials and a sauna, adding to the special feature of this hotel. This extraordinary hotel does not make you feel home sick.


Canbonastre Wine Resort Hotel, Masquefa, Spain provides its customers with quite a good facility. This hotel is a perfect place for nature lovers also, as you can relax yourself enjoying beautiful view surrounded by mountains. It offers many other facilities that includes spa where you can relax with wine based therapies. It also contains health club, fitness centre and sauna to rest guests in utmost comfort.

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Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, Capri, Italy is one amongst the famous and most luxurious hotel of Italy. Known for its brilliant services and a perfect home environment, it is a fully furnished hotel. The main attraction of this hotel is its incredible spa with extraordinary treatments under the supervision of expert doctors, beauticians and dieticians. Along with it, you can also enjoy the quality food here.


Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa, Prague, Czech Republic located in terrific location of Prague is just an eye-pleasing thing. Its friendly environment and awesome sight seeing makes it one of the leading hotels of Italy. The nightlife here is worth seeing. Its fancy spa is equipped with best spa treatments by doctors and beauticians, which provide the best health services. It is a lovely place to visit.


European continent is famous for its beauty. In addition, we can say that its impeccable hotel and spa completely justifies its beauty. A superb facility offered by these hotels makes your holidays worth enjoying.

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