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Have a better understanding of your anxiety levels

These days a busy work schedule, finances, maintaining relations, professional stress, individual stress etc is highly increasing amongst youth. However, one must understand that stress leads nowhere to a healthy or prosperous life. Instead it if not controlled can cause harsh effects on the body and soul.


Anxiety is a normal problem and is recurrent in nature. Anxiety is a negative impact on the mind and body. It results in negative judgments’ about oneself and the surrounding people. This leads in disastrous thoughts coming up in the mind regarding profession, personal relations etc which hamper the self-confidence and hope for the future.

Anxiety can have many dangerous effects on an individual. Normal levels of anxiety are helpful for the growth and success of the individual. However, chronic anxiety can cause many health and physical problems. Some problems include headaches, migraines, muscle aches, bad immune system, negative thinking, prone to illness and GI issues. This in turn affects our social, professional and married life.


Some symptoms that show high level on anxiety in an individual are:

  • Frequent worry that disrupts everyday tasks.
  • A consistent feeling of tension.
  • Less sleep due to unnecessary thoughts.
  • Hot temper nature and frustration
  • Gastrointestinal Distress, headache, high blood pressure, uneasy respiration etc.


Staying calm and distressing oneself is an important solution to slow the anxiety levels. A few things done on an everyday level can help you trigger this problem. You could try the following tips as a way out of anxiety:

  • Consistent exercising helps release of tension and stress and helps blood circulation thus maintaining health.
  • Meditation is also an important solution as it can stabilize your thoughts and your mind.
  • You need to debate internally about your irrational thoughts. They need to be pushed away from your mind.
  • Belly breathing is an important practice to fight this problem. This helps one to focus on ones breather and thus release anxiety if any.
  • Instead of running away from the problem that causes anxiety, try solving the problem. Getting rid of it can never help. Solving the problem will not only get you rid of anxiety but also develop self-confidence.
  • Consulting someone about your problem can be helpful. Asking help from others can not only make you understand that the problem isn’t big enough but also giving you numerous ways to solve it.


An important part of dealing with anxiety is finding the problem, and solving it. Anxiety can lead to negative impact of your life. Hence, it should be kept away as far as possible.

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