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Necessary nutritious supplements for your child

Children should be provided a completely nutritious diet because of they are going through an age where the body develops both physically and mentally. Healthy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and whole grains should be included in their food. Any food deficiency may cause immature growth or abnormal growth of the body thus hampering the kid’s development.

Some of the nutrients that need to be mentioned are:

Image Source: The Science Photo Library Re Rickets story

Vitamin D drops

Vitamin D is an essential component that prevents weakening of bones. Children are more prone to health problems like rickets, which is a bone-weakening disease. Hence, it should be a important nutrient in their diet, and Vitamin D improves immunity too. Playing in the sun cannot be sufficient; hence adding that extra drop of the Vitamin in their food can help get the right proportion.


Licorice root

Infections that are a regular health issue amongst children can be kept away by intake of licorice root. It helps sore throat; virus and such infections keep away from the children. It boosts immunity and hence can be included in their diet. However, consulting the doctor is important because they might interact with other medications.

Pouring oil

Fish/flaxseed oil

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids if present in the body can improve immunity, reduce inflammations, and develop new cells. However, their body cannot create this important chemical and hence fish and flaxseeds need to be an important part of their diet. If fish is not an everyday diet for you, then using fish oil or flaxseed oil can solve the purpose.



Kids generally undergo digestion problems. Many of these problems can be solved using pro-biotic supplements. However, the problem might still persist. Some of the common health issues include gas, constipation, diarrhea etc. A chewable enzyme intake by the kids can solve all the issues regarding digestion. Pineapple and papaya comprise the enzyme needed to improve digestion.



This is an important chemical produced in the human brain. If the child cannot produce the required amount of GABA then, he/she might suffer from insomnia, anxiety and other mood problems. Consulting the doctor for the right amount and source of GABA intake is necessary. Hence, if you see any such symptoms then consult a doctor and get the child examined for the GABA nutrient test.


These supplements are necessary during the early stage of your child’s growth. They not only lead to a healthy life but also are precautions for any harmful health problem in the later years.

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