Health hazards of drinking carbonated beverages

Soft drinks can be addictive. A sip can make you crave for a can or two. Moreover, easily available at cheap costs, these drinks are consumed popularly across the globe. Not only the drink, but its packaging affects our body and the environment. Much is said about the ill effects of these drinks, but some things really do need serious consideration.


Increases weight/causes obesity

Carbonated beverages cause weight gain. Moreover, to your surprise, those who drink “diet” versions of these beverages also have seen to gain 75% more weight than those who don’t. The high level of aspartame causes increasing levels of glucose in the body that increases the body weight. This is due to the intake of more sugar than is necessary for the body. When the liver uses the required sugar, the rest gets converted into extra fats. This increases weight and leads to problems caused by obesity.



It has been tested that the coloring found some carbonated beverages develops cancerous tissues in animals. It is found that 15microgms of 2 and 4 methylimidazoles that cause cancer. Some beverages can have as much as 199 microgms per 20 ounces of this element. A frequent intake of this addictive drink can surely develop cancerous tissues in your body.


Early Ageing

These beverages often contain phosphates that if induced in the body in excess can cause ageing problems. Moreover, found in excess in certain drinks, they can cause kidney and heart problems also leading to loss in muscles and osteoporosis.


Environmental problems
Most carbonated beverages comprise of saccharin, which is an artificial sweetener. It is not digested in the body and hence gets mixed with the water system. This element is not used by plants too. It gets mixed with the water system thus affecting the whole habitat. Cold drinks often come in aluminum cans which are not easily degradable and slow degradations emit hazardous chemicals in the environment.


Some more health problems

Bisphenol A mainly used in baby milk/water bottles, is also present in the aluminum cans in which beverages are packed. This chemical gets mixed with the liquid and gets induced in the body. This once transmitted in the body regularly can cause infertility, obesity and hormonal misbalance. This chemical has been banned in baby bottles, however, it is still an ingredient of the aluminum cans used to pack certain carbonated beverages.


Carbonated beverages are addictive and considered a trend amongst youngsters. However, consuming them regularly is not safe for your health. Instead, substitute it with fresh fruit juices for a healthy life.

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