What Global Wellness Day actually means to any wellness enthusiast?

The Global Wellness Day means a lot to a wellness enthusiast. For them, it is the day to revisit their outlook towards life and bring suitable changes in lifestyle.  A wellness enthusiast strongly believes that overall wellness is the most valuable asset a human being can possess. He is driven by the philosophy, “Live well and help others live well”. Therefore, to a wellness enthusiast, it is not a mere day to celebrate and take wellness vows but to continue with the efforts for the wellness for self and mankind.

Today, we are all wellness enthusiasts! Let us read more about Global Wellness Day and what it means for us.

· The Celebration Motto

· Importance of the Global Wellness Day

· Who needs it?

· An alarming rise of life-threatening chronic ailments

· Why people are adopting various wellness regimes?

· Enhanced realization of wellness practices

· Some vows to make based on Global Wellness Day manifesto

· Change of lifestyle

· Switching to personalized nutrition

· Caring for strength and immunity

· Say No to Plastic bottles

· Spread awareness on wellness and living healthy life

· Simple global wellness day activities that can go a long way

The Celebration Motto

An entirely social project, Global Wellness Day reminds all of us to think and adopt ways to live a healthier and better life.  Every year, a theme is selected to make the celebration worthwhile inspiring everybody towards the right steps to wellbeing.

Every year millions die from non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which can be prevented through simple lifestyle changes.

Global Wellness Day reminds us to acknowledge the value of life that is free from diseases and stress.

  • It reminds us to make small changes that can have a bigger impact.
  • It reminds us to build easy habits and follow them all throughout the year.

It reminds us ‘Self-care’ is the best care and everybody has the right to it and should take it seriously

Importance of the Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day

Spreading wellness awareness is the significance of the Global Wellness Day. Founded by a Turkish lady Belgin Aksoy who is also a cancer survivor, Global Wellness Day is a dedicated social platform meant for promoting ideas and strategies to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through empowerment. Everybody can be in charge of their wellness. The inherent message lies as – “All of us should be in charge of our wellness (to lead a contented life free of diseases)”Every year this day is celebrated in the 2nd week of June in more than 170 countries with active participation of experts, celebrities, wellness seekers and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Who needs it?

The answer is – everybody. The 21st century fast track age has its share of boons and banes. Easy availability of time-saving comfortable modes of living may have lessened the physical stress but have heightened the mental stress to such an exponential level that is inviting serious lifestyle disorders and affecting the general wellness. Peer pressure, professional competition, societal pressures, poor nutrition, exposure to physical and emotional abuse greatly upset the wellness of a person irrespective of age and sex.

To cope up with the stressful conditions where fittest only survive, people are unknowingly emphasizing more on existence and sustenance and less on overall wellness.

An alarming rise of life-threatening chronic ailments is a serious global concern

life-threatening chronic ailment

According to WHO reports, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or chronic conditions kill 41 million of people every year. This is equivalent to 71% of deaths happening globally. Every year, over 15 million people aged between 30 and 69 years die from a non-communicable chronic condition. 85% of these deaths are reported from low and middle-income countries. Most of these NCDS are preventable provided people care enough for their wellness.

Global Wellness Day is aimed to create the awareness of wellness among the masses and to motivate them towards taking up various wellness plans to survive in the competitive environment with minimum stress, anxiety and other lifestyle ailments. Those who have already realized this are on the safer side but those still evading the wellness factor, GWD programs are planned for them.

Global wellness day activities are targeted for all age groups. People taking up this at a younger age can enjoy life more while people taking up late can alleviate the lifestyle disorders to a great extent.The significance of this day is largely felt as every year we see unique global wellness day ideas with special messages encouraging better ways of caring for well-being.

Why people are adopting various wellness regimes?

Good sense always prevails as is evident from a growing population of wellness enthusiasts who are hell bent on leading life to the fullest by adopting various wellness regimes. Several factors driving enthusiasts toward such life benefitting regime can be listed below:

Live a disease-free life

adopted healthy regime

The prime factor to adopt healthy regimes is that you can live a disease-free life at zero or minimal cost just by making easy-to-practice lifestyle changes.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Spending time and money on clinic visit and treatments is worthless. Moreover, the tension associated with the cure can be troublesome. People have realized this and are adopting various wellness activities as preventive measures.

To Be in shape to shape up life

obese woman trying to be in shape

Obesity due to malnutrition is a modern age curse.Cardiac disorders and diabetes are cutting down the life span of millions. So, weight-loss oriented wellness programs are always on the top list. The motto is “Be in shape to shape up your life”

Glowing in wellness

A well-maintained physique speaks a lot about the general wellness of a person. Skin texture and color reveals the nutrition level and mental health of a person. Good nutrition, proper sleeping routines, and regular workouts are adopted by the health conscious people to make them acceptable to the world.

Strive for mental wellness


Mental health of the global population is at its worst owing to the raging health crisis. Depression and anxiety that were rising alarmingly before the pandemic exploded affecting more than 264 million global population.

The reason is clear why Global Wellness Day’21 was themed ‘Enhancing Mental Health, One Day can change your life’. If we choose everyday as the day to enhance our mental wellness, we could be away from the reach of mental disorders.

Family pressure, long stressful working hours and global insecurity have snatched the mental peace of many. Mounting tensions and anxieties are no less detrimental to the overall wellness. Therefore, people are resorting to meditation, mindfulness and yoga sessions to restore mental and physical balance. The cost is zero but benefits are immense and lifelong.To maintain the right personal-professional life balance, people are emphasizing more on time bound productivity and adopting stress management plans.

Wellness massage and therapies create long-lasting benefits

Wellness awareness and proper information go a long way in heightening the wellness of a person. Massage therapy, spa and other light physical activities accelerate the overall well-being of a person.

Enhanced realization of wellness practices


Not only preaching and research studies are driving people towards wellness regimes. People have experienced the feel-good factor and the benefits of these regimes. They are able to lead a better quality of life.

Sensing the importance of wellness of the employees, which is directly linked to the productivity, corporate houses are providing supportive wellness programs for motivating their employees toward achieving wellness goals along with professional merits. Rewards and perks based on productivity and fitness are major drivers to adopt wellness plans.

Some vows to make based on Global Wellness Day manifesto

Stay well – It is the sole objective of our life. Sounds simple but implies a lot. Staying well both physically and psychologically is what today’s global population in the midst of a hi-tech life is aiming for. 21st century hi-tech era has gifted us a lot but somewhere staying well is slowly slipping off as is evident with the alarming rise in lifestyle diseases in every nook and corner of the globe clouding people from all walks of life. Here lies the importance of the Global Wellness Day to stay well and keep others well. The resolutions that we take today must be applied tomorrow and continued forever.

Change of lifestyle

old woman waking up on time

Our elders had set it right – Early to bed early to rise. Global wellness day activities emphasize this factor of well-being more. You ensure your physical well-being, and who does not know health is wealth? Going to bed at a fixed time and waking up early teaches you a lot of things – most importantly time management. This automatically reduces your stress making you feel good and agile.  It is time to come out of late-night addictions and reset your circadian rhythm to start the day on a pleasant note. Human productivity is at the peak when the brain is not tired. Losing fresh early morning hours means slowing down your productivity for the rest of the day.

Switching to personalized nutrition

Eating right is the key to wellness. What you take regularly will be reflected in your personality and productivity; thereby, affecting your physical and emotional well-being. Haven’t heard of healthy mood-lifting foods?A balanced diet with the right amount of calorie intake controls your weight as obesity is a big dampener of wellness. A lightweight body houses a merry soul.Global wellness day ideas also dwell a lot on educating people on personalised nutrition to make people right as per their body.

Otherwise, opting for organic products is a smart choice as food grown organically is devoid of chemicals and harmful pesticides that greatly affect the wellbeing. Moreover, organic foods are loaded with more nutrients and vitamins and also taste better!

Caring for strength and immunity

strength and immunity

Emphasizing the importance of wellness, many organizations are asking their employees to adopt strength and immunity boosting activities to generate the awareness of wellness.

Walking is the simplest activity that you can do on a daily basis. You can add variations like brisk walking, light jogging etc. as per your requirement. Similarly, light and heavy physical exercises are great tools to keep you fit. Your vital organs function like a well conducted orchestra.

While caring for the physique, mind often remains unnoticed. A balanced tranquil mind inculcates better sense in driving you toward a better quality of life. Meditation is a great mind cleanser provided it is carried out regularly.

Say No to Plastic bottles

Drinking water from plastic bottles has been a norm of our daily life past few decades. Unknowingly, we are drinking poison through this life sustaining fluid. Plastic water bottles are non-biodegradable and are not good for the planet and neither for your health. More you use bottled water, you encourage more production of these increasing the carbon footprint.

All plastic bottles are not made of approved plastics and chemicals (like BPA, a carcinogen) leaching into water due to exposure to heat and weather conditions can be life threatening. Most importantly, only 25% of bottled mineral water is truly gathered from natural source and are purified. Remaining huge lot goes untested and studies show that it may contain harmful toxins, microbes like mold and E.Coli, phthalates, benzene and arsenic as well. Use re-usable BPA free plastic bottles or stainless steel containers.

Spread awareness on wellness and living healthy life


Attaining the benchmark of being well is a great thing but it is greater if this can be spread among your near and dear ones or those around you. Wellness for all should be the aim and that does not involve any cost but good intentions. The basic message is prevention is always better than cure.

Some simple global wellness day activities that can go a long way

  • With social networking tools and campaigns, you can educate the mass by providing simple but valuable information about wellness. Circulate important health care tips from medicos among your known circle.
  • Create community development program with like-minded people and spread important messages to lead healthy lifestyle while narrating the good and bad of common habits which are slowly eroding the wellness.
  • Join an authorized healthcare group or form a health club for providing preventive tips on lifestyle diseases like hypertension, heart ailment, obesity and diabetes.
  • Encourage your employees to maintain a regular fitness regime by providing due supporting activities at your workplace. Reward your employee for touching a certain benchmark of fitness in a specified time span. Others will definitely follow suit.

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