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Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

taking a close look at your lifestyle choices

These days, busy life and increasing stress, have added to the increasing lifestyle disorders in almost all countries. Lifestyle disorders like obesity, hypertension, heart diseases and stroke are on the rise everywhere. Doctors are taking initiative to educate people about the hazards of lifestyle disorders. You doctor too, may prescribe medicines and recommend certain lifestyle modifications for your medical condition.

Just like medicines and other advice, it is important that you take lifestyle advice seriously. These changes may seem like radical changes in your diet and daily routine, but if you make an attempt you will realize that these are just simple modifications.

Healthy lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes mean some modifications in your existing lifestyle. The reason for bringing out this change is that the present lifestyle which is mostly sedentary work, increased stress, working late night, faulty eating habits, etc; has given rise to various illnesses. It is therefore believed that if you make changes in your lifestyle to suit your present work and life requirements, you may be able to prevent or manage lifestyle disorders better.

Some of the examples of lifestyle changes that your doctor may ask you do are:

Maintaining weight

You may be asked to reduce excess weight or maintain your weight in the desirable range. This can prevent a host of illnesses and keep you fit.

Healthy balanced diet

It is advisable that you take balanced meal that includes all food groups in the required amounts. In case of certain illnesses, it is important for you to follow a special diet as per your doctor’s instructions. For example, you may be asked to decrease salt intake while suffering from high blood pressure. Or you may be advised to intake your fiber intake if you are suffering from constipation. As a general rule, you can have complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. It is better to avoid highly processed food, simple sugars and fatty food.

Physical exercise

Most of the problems, as seen in lifestyle disorders are because of physical inactivity and sedentary work. As you remain busy with your work and other activities, you do not spare any time for physical activity. It is therefore essential that you become aware of this fact and devote time for your own physical activity in any form. Depending on your health status and your activity levels your doctor will recommend exercise for you. You can begin with simple walking for a few minutes and gradually increase as per your doctor’s advice.

Reducing stress

As stress is the major cause of most of the problems, you may be advised to reduce your stress levels at home and at work. Although there is not much you can do about the external stressors, you can surely control the way you react to these stressors. You can consider reliving your stress by getting engaged in activities of your choice and hobbies like singling, reading, etc. You can also practice relaxation methods for reducing stress.

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